New Music: JoiStaRR – ‘Thinking Bout You’ (Frank Ocean Cover)

Thinking Bout You

JoiStaRR is the latest artist to tackle Frank Ocean and Bridget Kelly’s “Thinking About You,” the latest release in her Magic Monday series. The L.A.-based singer-songwriter, who toured with Kanye West, stays true to the original with her subtle interpretation. How does her cover stack up to Justin Bieber, Dondria, and Willow Smith?

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  1. kyle

    this is dope! make some noise for joistarr.


  2. Sabrina part 2



  3. mnm

    Dondria is the queen of R&B, so y’all can just


  4. WatchTheThrone

    not too bad. nobody could ever even come close to frank ocean though.


  5. Drew

    3rd best to dondria’s cover and bridget kelly


  6. Ice

    She captures the uniqueness of Frank Ocean pretty well, but Frank’s is still the best.


  7. CarlosBonegro

    still no-one has come close to frank ocean i wish people would stop trying


  8. MRBIG

    Really nice but no one can beat the original.


  9. young$$MOVEMENT;

    she looks like nene leakes .


  10. young$$MOVEMENT;

    oh, and she slayed this, by the way .


  11. Christine

    Posted on You’re a far braver veiewr than I I’ve given up on even the one genre show this season I sorta liked, Reaper, cause when it’s on, I can’t motivate enough interest to actually watch a whole episode.I’m a reality whore now. It’s all I do.


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