Willow Smith Treats Families to a Holiday Shopping Spree [Video]

Willow Smith

Willow Smith brightened up the holidays for a few lucky families by partnering with Target for her “Kids Helping Kids” campaign. Eight New York kids, who were nominated by the Boys & Girls Club of NYC for their leadership and academic excellence, were treated to a holiday shopping spree in the Target Harlem store. They ran through the aisles grabbing electronics, toys, and clothes as Willow and honor roll students from the Harlem Children’s Zone cheered them on.

“Target is one of my favorite stores and it’s just awesome to share that with the kids and be there for them,” said the 11-year-old “Fireball.”

Watch them fill their carts with holiday gifts.

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  1. Trev

    This was really nice…to have the spirit of giving at the age of 11 is wonderful…and she speaks very well now…good for her


  2. ThankMeLater

    aww that’s sweet :)


  3. Marvin

    Yeah that was nice but Willow… please don’t try to make every one of your songs be inspirational and stuff. “Whip My Hair” was about being yourself and now “Fireball” is about being who you wanna be. It really doesn’t even go with the lyrics of the song so just stop that now.


    Yeah, okay Reply:

    @Marvin, The only one who knows what you’re talking about is you. Sad, really.


    Marvin Reply:

    @Yeah, okay, In this video she said what a Fireball is and in other videos she said what “Whip My Hair” meant. So stfu.


  4. >am so am so proud of you_

    thats nice.


  5. @MrKalebBlake

    I fucking love Willow Smith.


  6. Fireball

    Willow that was really nice of you to do that for people you had never met before you, have a kind and giving heart.And really like the way you explained a fireball.I am a afireball my style is different from everyone elses.I think like mixing and matching clothes that other people would’nt dare mix.I love your music I was born 2000 I am a 21st girl.


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