New Music: Lil Twist f/ 2 Chainz – ‘Do What I Want’

Do What I Want

Lil Twist plays by his own rules on “Do What I Want,” a collaboration with 2 Chainz off his mixtape The Golden Child, dropping December 20. The Young Money young’n brags about getting whips, females, and money on the ominous production. “They steady stealin’ my flows,” he raps. “Don’t you wish you was YMCMB?/ When they look in the mirror, I’m all they see.”

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  1. jake



  2. Thats real



  3. Sportz

    There is a grammatical flaw in this blog post. The second “his” in the first sentence refers back to 2 Chainz when it should refer back to Lil Twist, as it is his mixtape.


    OVOXO Reply:

    @Sportz, Who cares


    StarsAreBlind Reply:

    @OVOXO, I’m pretty sure he was trying to let Rap-Up know so they can correct it; stop being a pressed hoe.


  4. TwistNumberOneFan!

    Ay yo, Twist & 2 Chainz got a hit with this one! My new favorite song & make sure you vote for Twist to be MTV’s Breakthrough Artist of the Year!I LOVE LIL’ TWIST!! TEAM TWIST FOREVER! THE GOLDEN CHILD MIXTAPE 12.20.11! VOTE HERE -> :D


  5. Desi

    Mixtapes are fine. However, as long as he’s been signed to Young Money, shouldn’t Lil’ Twist be at a point where he’s dropping actual studio albums?

    On topic: I didn’t too much care for the song. I like Lil’ Twist though, so I’m rooting for him.


    bribri Reply:

    @Desi, album coming out next month


  6. littleman

    why he sound like a mini lil wayne.


  7. Lil’ Twist feat. 2-Chainz – Do What I Want | illHype

    [...] RESPECT: Rap-Up [...]

  8. chris shorts

    this is pretty annoying like its the same basic shit that everyone making ,… swag o i do it and my swag my swag like come on wheres the originality i promise ymcb gets no better then the we are young money album that was dope now the on fuckery besides drake tyga and nicki of course because they have their own nitch adn know who they are


  9. anonymous

    he sounds like lil’ twist. I’m feelin this dude now


  10. _prettyniggabased_

    Swagg !!!


  11. mrz.jae

    stop. Hatin shitted he ain’t wack he is talented ily lil twist ymcmb isn’t trash so stop hatin@Thats real,



    This song isn’t in his mixtape, its gonna be on his album “Don’t Get It Twisted” which will be in stores MARCH 20TH 2012. this song is a hit! Hate if you want , but my bestfriend is Gone get this money regardless. :)


  13. LadiiTwistDGIT

    mane Yall Twist haters are getting old stfu and move on wit ya life Twist getting money and making his fans happy so yall are the least of his worries


  14. PinkZet

    Twist is Soooo Amazing, Im N love Wit Hiz Music :)


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