Video: T.I. f/ Pharrell – ‘Here Ye, Hear Ye’

T.I. and Pharrell

Here ye, hear ye. T.I. keeps it real in the video for his collaboration with Pharrell, which may end up on his 2012 album Trouble Man. The star of VH1’s “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle” addresses the loss of his friend (“Since Phil got killed, I ain’t never moved on”), while sharing scenes with the fashionable Sk8brd. Look for cameos from Young Jeezy and Tip’s 10-year-old son Domani.


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  1. dntwrry

    Tip, one of the realest in the game AND he consistent too


  2. Thats real



  3. TRUEE!!!

    T.I. is the best Rapper with Eminem,Busta Rhymes, Ice Cube and Dmx !

    And Pharell.. ye not my Style.


  4. Blaze

    This went so damn hard Tip is back


  5. aaa



  6. lmao

    i like pharrell.. and t.i. is aight but this song doesn’t go hard at all…


  7. leslie arnelle



  8. suad

    nice one


  9. Mas

    Dope song. Its d king


  10. gaddafi beiber

    pharrell is not your style bcuz you’re prolly from local area. me? I`m urban dude and like pharrell the most.

    the best t.i + pharrell track is “Freak Though”


  11. jusbeingtish

    T.I and pharrell go hard then hard….the song is cool I like whateva T.I on!!!!


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