Behind the Video: Lil Twist – ‘Turn’t Up’

Lil Twist

Lil Twist turns his swag on in the flashy video for “Turn’t Up,” the Busta Rhymes-assisted single from his debut Don’t Get It Twisted, due next year. The Young Money rapper skateboards in a leopard track jacket and performs scenes in a hot pink coat in the Derick G. clip. Birdman and his YMCMB labelmate Chris Richardson also pay him an on-set visit. Go behind the scenes below.

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  1. latonya

    Pink coat and baby i don’t see how this could be a good video. I like lil twist rapping.


  2. Merline Stevens

    I hope twist blows this out the water.
    Just cause ur in the group, doesn’t mean, fuck it.
    Be it own it.


  3. ahahahahahahahaha

    LAWD i know im getting old…twist cursin!!! lol im sorry but that shocks the hell out of


  4. #TEAM Wayne

    Twist aight but why this nigga look like he just stepped off tha set of Sesame Street lls JP Him + Wayne need to stop playin nd get back to being Gangsta Rappers… real talk


  5. mnm

    fruity tooty looking ass nigga


  6. Sharp Tongue

    “Cash Money” is so gay I mean really look at this shit he’s wearing in this video lmao!


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