New Music: Cam’ron – ‘We Found Love (Remix)’


Rihanna’s “We Found Love” gets an unexpected remix from Cam’ron. The Dipset rapper adds some amusing bars to the dance smash. “Got it locked down, Lindsay Lohan,” he repeats over the track, which will appear on his DJ Drama-hosted mixtape Boss of All Bosses 3 with Vado.

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  1. jeremydante



  2. me

    washed up rapper! Retire!


  3. Lisa

    I think Lindsay will not sue this time around, the embarrassment if how bad this shit is will be painful enough.


  4. Dexlovesrih!

    no..for real though?(-__-)and im rooting for is just T_T…i cant..


  5. Triniti

    Lindsay Lohan is going to sue all of these niggas lol


  6. Fan Of A Fan

    get the F^ck off Rihanna’s track!!


    Darius Reply:

    @Fan Of A Fan, if Rihanna wants it back, tell her to get it back. Her boss (Hov) will tell her not to ever fuck with Dipset, he’s learned his lessons.

    And it’s barely Rihanna’s song. She didn’t produce it, she didn’t write it, she just put her lame ass vocals on it.


    Fan Of A Fan Reply:

    @Darius, she sung it… its on her new album… so its her song Stfu & f..k off


    Jfenty Reply:

    @Fan Of A Fan, Amen!!


  7. lil kim

    im happy he trying to make a come back..


  8. Faith



  9. little

    I agree with @Darius…
    i like rihanna but she only sing like 1000s of girls in the world.


  10. E53

    I wanna say that it’s a bit good, but I would somehow feel im lying to myself. But then again… It’s interesting. But.. Honestly.. Not good.


  11. adult nolveltees

    adult nolveltees…

    [...]New Music: Cam’ron – ‘We Found Love (Remix)’ | HipHopCube[...]…

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