Video: DJ Fresh f/ Rita Ora – ‘Hot Right Now’

Rita Ora

Roc Nation’s Rita Ora rounds up her fashionable crew and takes to the streets in the video for DJ Fresh’s “Hot Right Now,” the follow-up to his U.K. hit “Louder.” The blonde-haired beauty works up a sweat in a bra and panties while dancers show off their best moves. Feel the heat.

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  1. G

    I always see comments that people wanna hear her on a track. If you wanna hear more of Rita Ora, check out her featuring on 2 Craig David songs back from 2007/2008, on Craig David’s albums. 2 songs to search for are:

    Awkward (from ‘Trust Me’ album)
    Where’s Your Love (from ‘Greatest Hits’ album)


  2. chris shorts

    shes so amazing i cant wait until jayz really start working and bring out her true colors


    Randy Reply:

    @chris shorts, what so you can say you liked her before everybody else? until she gets popular and then you will say you say shes a sell out and she sucks? lol whatever… tired of you bandwagon fans who only like artists for being new until they blow up and then you turn on them.


  3. syabrina part ritaz 2

    when is her debut album coming out


  4. tired



  5. Jr22

    @tired, Full agree … over-rated hype!


  6. mnm

    i don’t understand how she is overrated? she’s new to mainstream… and a great singer but the song is meh.


    T Reply:

    @mnm, I concur.. song is WEAK! Vocals are good!


  7. Tionne

    Not really feeling the song really and she kinda reminds of rihanna with that curly blonde hair and jumping around.. Yet I will say that I think she’s a great singer and as soon as Jay fully gets behind her and she starts putting a lot of music out then I think she gonna be good.


  8. Mimi

    HOT SHIT!!!


  9. chet

    rita ora >>> rihanna

    I’m feeling the drum and bass influence on the track.


    Peasant Reply:

    @chet, here we go with the facking comparison. no one cares. girl practically bite off rihanna style with a blonde head of hair. next!


    Dench Reply:

    @Peasant, erm Rita Ora has had this look for some time. She looks like this, that is the hair colour she has been with for a minute. She’s dressed London….the whole east london shoreditch look. “Indie” – think Skins UK tv series

    I wouldn’t say Rita Ora copied Rihanna’s style. And Rihanna didn’t copy Rita…… however, Rihanna is obviously influenced by today’s UK indie generation – hence why her ‘We Found Love’ is basically taken from UK TV series Skins. So the similarities in how Rita dresses here and Rihanna’s latest trend are apparent.



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  11. K-Mac

    I think shes swagger jagging Rihanna. Don’t know if it’s on purpose. Who agrees?

    BTW .. not a hater !


    MusicFan101 Reply:

    @K-Mac, I don’t know…I think its the other way around. Rihanna “Swagger Jagged” her from ages ago, like she did with that other Def Jam Chick (her name slips my mind), but because Ri is more successful it obviously looks like she is the creator of the style. :D Doesn’t matter though they both look SMOKING HOT!


    K-Mac Reply:

    @MusicFan101, Could be true :/


    Huh Reply:

    @MusicFan101, nig ga is u serious. rihanna been in the game way before anyone even knew about this chick. child sit and get your facts together. smh..people will say anything just to have an opinion.



    @K-Mac i agree wit u my friend she is u know them kosovian always jaggin’ other ppl


  13. K-Mac

    Well I don’t ! I said I’m not throwing some hate comments but YOU are…


  14. Deqa

    love da song!!


  15. frenchconnection



  16. JueLz

    well i like it!! she’s so beautiful!


  17. Chryzz12

    Blazing track


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