Bei Maejor Makes a Beat Out of Christmas [Video]

Bei Maejor

Leave it to Bei Maejor to turn ordinary Christmas items into a beat. The talented 24-year-old hitmaker, whose debut album will arrive next year on RCA Records, used a nutcracker, gift box, candy canes, Merry-Okee mic, soda, and more to remix the holiday classic “Carol of the Bells.” You may remember when he made a beat out of Halloween. Who knew Christmas could sound this good?

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  1. ish

    dont underestimate dis guy is super talented to do dat :O amazing the next r kelly ??? maybee


  2. Suzie

    This guy is next up and he is so fineee


  3. Speechless

    Dont get me wrong, he’s very talented but I cant get over how cute he is lol


  4. keraleestewart

    wow hes i amazing look how he put those songz to gather he sure is talented.


  5. Oh Please

    Um Rap Up I’m gonna need you all to fix your video links. The play button is unable to be pressed -__-


    Kalissa Reply:

    @Oh Please, sounds like you need a new computer. it plays for me.


  6. jj14

    I love Bei He is sooo fine


  7. TL

    He looks like he’s on the down-low.


    meme Reply:

    @TL, always so neg foo on this site. what about him looks down-low? please tell me.


  8. chris

    very impressive,next superster producer,writer n singer on the line


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