Chris Brown Brings ‘Fun’ to Wale and Big Sean’s ‘Slight Work’ Video

Big Sean, Chris Brown, and Wale

It was all love on set of Wale’s video for “Slight Work,” his Diplo-produced collaboration with Big Sean off Ambition. The rappers took instructions from their pal Chris Brown, who was in the director’s chair. MTV News caught up with the trio on set in Los Angeles earlier this week.

“Man, this video’s just fun,” explained Chris as he flashed his grill. “We’re young so I think it’s only right to just do what we wanna do.”

A fur-wearing Big Sean chimed in. “Man, we just having fun. You don’t understand, man, we was just them young players looking at the OGs like, ‘Damn, that’s where we’re trying to be.’”

The video is set to debut at the top of next year. “They gave us a budget now, so we can just play around and have fun on set,” added Breezy.

Go on set of “Slight Work” below.

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  1. blue

    love the detroit support


  2. Redchainsaw

    Chris Brown is making cameos everywhere these days


  3. damn

    wale could not get a word in on the behind the scenes 4 his video


  4. Stre3t Danc@

    My baby Chris is doin it big (:


    ashlee Reply:

    @Stre3t Danc@, He sure is :)


  5. Breezy

    chris is the man


  6. JHP

    All three of these dudes is my n**gas,”Slight Work” is an ill song, the video about to be fire #YoungMovement


  7. Haters Stay Pressed!!

    Damn! Chris is getting it in. Singing, dancing, writing, acting, producing and now directing! He really is an all around talented dude. I’m proud of him!
    I just hope there is an actual ‘concept’ to the video and it’s not just a bunch of half naked women runnning around like every other rap video! *prays*


    bigbootyjudi Reply:

    @Haters Stay Pressed!!, forreal tho hes doing his own thing in proud of him too


  8. bigbootyjudi

    big sean i love ur songs dance ass i could danc eto tht songs al day


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