Rap-Up TV: Diggy Simmons Picks His Top 5 Albums of 2011

As the year comes to a close, Diggy Simmons weighs in on his top 5 favorite albums of 2011. During a backstage interview on the “Scream” tour, the hip-hop prodigy acknowledged his peers including the singer with 2011’s biggest-selling album, a West Coast newcomer, pregnant pop icon, one of Young Money’s shining stars, and Jay-Z and Kanye West’s collaborative effort.

“I was excited about that since they announced it,” Diggy told Rap-Up TV of Watch the Throne. “Those are my two favorite hip-hop artists and they’ve been innovative to our culture and hip-hop in general.”

Find out who else Diggy was digging this year.

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  1. otis

    You are now Watching The Throne…….


  2. Qotus

    Smart Kid, Sexy, Good Looking, Speak Proper and I think he deserve to be bigger than Justin Bebier but you know the only reason he can’t be bigger than him yes im throwing the race card in it because Justin bebier skin color.


    Jerry Reply:

    @Qotus, wtf did justin beiber do to you?


  3. KillBill

    You betta Stan for Bey!!!


  4. JueLz

    ok young buck i can give you some ratings still. very eclectic


  5. Audrey Hepburn

    4? I see he has more maturing to do.


    Real Issh Reply:

    @Audrey Hepburn, Lol – you’re an immature bitch . He knows wadd music is , not that simple shyt u listen 2 .


    Audrey Hepburn Reply:

    @Real Issh, Don’t get me on your delusional ass. You’re a DEAF, STUPID BITCH. That album was nowhere near the best of 2011. Go find a pole or drug dealer to hump – just like your idol.


  6. chloe

    he such a little adult. of course he would cite “4″ and “21″.


  7. me

    “…music is just coming back around”?! huh, where have you been? oh that’s right, he’s just 12.

    i think he meant to say “hip hop is coming back around”.


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