Timbaland: ‘I Was in Love with Aaliyah’

Timbaland and Aaliyah

Timbaland is making some shocking revelations to E! in his “True Hollywood” special. The super-producer, born Timothy Mosley, opens about building the careers of superstars Justin Timberlake and Missy Elliott, suicidal thoughts, and secret love for Aaliyah.

On Aaliyah: “When I first met Aaliyah—it’s time for the world to hear this, I’m gonna give up a little secret—I was in love with her. I said, But I’m not… She just a baby, I’m old. I said to myself, ‘I’m just gonna be her brother.’ Oh man, I was fightin’, I was fightin’ a lot—a big war. But I loved Aaliyah.”

On Justin Timberlake: “Me and Justin, it’s the weirdest thing. We just say we’re gonna kill them and then we kill them…We get together, we break bread and we spill out music. That’s what we do.”

On Missy Elliott: “She was just super dope…she was God-sent; that was my sister.”

On his weight gain: “I was almost 400 pounds. Who wants to be a 400-pound black man? I’m looking in the mirror, my breast is bigger than a girl breast. And I was saying, ‘That ain’t cool.’ So I got very depressed, like suicidal depressed.”

On his marriage to wife Monique: “It’s probably hard to be married to me. It’s not easy. I’m a musical genius. I’m weird, I do crazy things, it’s not like the average norm. But I’m a loving guy.”

“True Hollywood Story: Timbaland” airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on E! Watch a sneak peek below.

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  1. chase

    awwwi love you, aaliyah!!! :)


  2. @matt_hamrick

    I thought he was a musical genius, but when you call yourself a musical genius, you look self absorbed.

    Still loving the “one in a million” album.


    WatchTheThrone Reply:

    @@matt_hamrick, I agree. A true musical genius wouldn’t have to say it.


    lee Reply:

    @WatchTheThrone, yea so true


    C94B Reply:


    Is Kanye West a genius ?


    THETRUTH Reply:

    @C94B, yesssssssssssssssssssssssss


    JstAmir Reply:

    @THETRUTH, come on Get the f outa here


  3. JussSayin

    Check @MissyElliott! She will be featured on this episode! =D


  4. JstAmir

    I’m still shockedddd this is so sad. Tim bad her under his wing all the time. U fuckups now gonna argue bout why not musical genius I hope y’all go to he’ll. Even there they will play u his joints


  5. Triniti

    I hope he gets to work on Marcus Canty’s album soon.


    cece Reply:

    @Triniti, ugggh why tho he is voice is medicore. i don’t want anyone album until melanie amaro drops besides that sent his ass home last night anyway.


    Ice Reply:

    @cece, I agree, Marcus has a sh**ty voice.


  6. Ice

    “My breasts were bigger than a girls breasts”

    I’m sorry, but that just made me laugh.


  7. me

    I loved Tim but a musical genius wouldn’t release garbage such as “Pass At Me (feat. Pitbull)” or make music with Miley Cyrus!


  8. wow

    missy must have been n love 2 cus u no she like girls


  9. l0l

    timbaland wasnt the only that love aaliyah missy wanted some of dat pu$$y 2


    biggz85 Reply:

    @l0l, grow up


  10. l0l

    she was just a baby when she was with r kelly 2 that aint stop his old ass


    anonymous Reply:

    @l0l, thats because r kelly is a Perv..timbo aint like that, well, atleast not with aaliyah anyway:\


  11. Chet

    Who wouldn’t be in love with Aaliyah, seriously? Brains, beauty, talent; she had it all.


  12. Audrey Hepburn

    Some things are better left unsaid. Why did so many grown men fawn after such a young girl. That’s not hot.


    Winston Churchill Reply:

    @Audrey Hepburn, shut up


    Audrey Hepburn Reply:

    @Winston Churchill, No. You shut up and keep your dumb ass moving. Thanks :)


  13. davidjohn83

    why is he mentioning missy as past tense?


    HoneyJay00 Reply:

    @davidjohn83, I was asking myself the same thing!! Maybe their friendship isn’t what it was back then.


  14. UNK

    Can’t wait to see this always good to here Timbo speak i think tim and kanye can say they are musical geniuses because quite frankly they are i wouldn’t be mad if just blaze,mannie fresh,dre,primo,polow,danja,etc said something along those lines


  15. Tony

    @UNK lol…you were good until you said polow da don


  16. Justice

    What a clown! I wonder how his wife gonna feel now hearing this? I don’t know where ya’ll been but his wife “resembles” Aaliyah, why you think he’s with her!?!?! Notice when that whole “suicide attempt” happened he said he “don’t answer to anyone but his brother and his moms” What kind of respect do you have for a wife saying some ish like that???


  17. Sarah

    Aaliyah was so beautiful.


  18. natural coco

    Mam shes was dang so amazin. In a short carreer. I guess whos going to be the next Aaliyah girl maybe Ciara, Mya, Ashanti, Ameriie, & finally Keri Hilson. I wish there was a new Aaliyah woman. More than a woman dat has to be a chance of bring a baby girl. R.I.P.


  19. too-tall

    dance-wise i’d say Ciara, but as far as singing? idk maybe Beyonce…or Keri hilson or even Ashanti? -ehh kinda hard to fill aaliyah’s shoes -she was in her own bubble, her own league.


  20. Mr. Ed

    I have to agree with everyone else that was saying the same thing. As if you would call yourself a musical genius.


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    [...] Spotted @Rap-Up.com [...]

  22. Cynthia

    Were Great Why can’t they make another Beyoncc3a9? Look at how Beyoncc3a9 was creeatd to begin with. First, she was out during a time where female R&B groups were popular. Destiny’s Child, who even had a rocky beginning themselves, were trailing off of the success of the 90 s Female Groups: SWV, 702, Total, Changing Faces, Brownstone, Zhanc3a9, just to name a few. They used that platform to hone Beyoncc3a9′s skills. The phenomenon of singing groups be they girl or guy is dead nowadays, meaning it is not the current trend has not been since the early half of the 2000 s. So here, point one.Point two, Beyoncc3a9′s dad used DC as a platform to launch Beyoncc3a9 into solo stardom by giving her most of the singing parts and focusing attention on her during the group. She had more camera time in the videos, was always placed in the foreground center with the other girls a smidgen behind her, and she was given blond hair (she didn’t start out with blond hair) to juxtapose the current white reigning pop queen Britney Spears. While in the group, they also gave more attention to Beyoncc3a9′s name inciting that she had written and produced much of the Writings on the Wall album which based on recent findings in her solo albums of today was more than likely a lie since she doesn’t write nearly any of her music and has a habit of lying about her contributions. While also in the group, they gave her a multitude of side projects: that Carmen movie, she was in Case’s music video for Missing You, etc. etc. This gave the public more exposure to her in general. Let’s see what else . we no longer have the same platforms for promotion that we did in the 90 s and early 2000 s. MTV has basically parted ways with anything to do with music. There’s no more MTV Cribs, no Diary, no TRL at least anything that holds a candle to Carson Daly’s run with it basically none of the shows that existed when our older stars came up are available for this newer generation to build a relationship or rapport with their fans. Something that was advantageous to Beyoncc3a9 and artists during her time in general.Lastly, the recording industry is losing money every day. This is the most obvious answer. They cannot make another Beyoncc3a9 because Beyoncc3a9 was not made overnight. Destiny’s Child’s first album struggled to go gold, and it wasn’t until the No, No, No Remix did anyone give two shits about them and by that time that album was dead and they used the momentum of Wyclef’s Remix to release a single from the Writings on the Wall. It took a great deal of time, even, for this album to be accepted by Pop radio and much of this can be assessed to the mainstream medias that I mentioned above which enabled exposure to a wider audience these same medias, which again, aren’t available to new artists today. Even her success with her debut solo album took time I remember not many people were feeling Crazy In Love when it first came out, and her single from Austin Powers, Work It Out, failed to catch any steam. (OH! Look at that, another way she was force fed down into the public’s throats as she was preparing to come out into solo stardom. Let’s also not forget that she garnered more recognition and acceptance when she partnered with Jay-Z for Bonnie & Clyde. This was made in 03 when she was still very much apart of DC.) The fact that she released an album either via Destiny’s Child or a solo album every year for 6 years also has a lot to do with her success now. She over saturated the market while the iron was hot which is a good strategy. Keeping her name in the public ensured she would not be forgotten and likewise has given people like you the idea that because her name was/is always being spoken, she has some kind of supreme reign over every one else . Had she taken a break somewhere in between like she is doing now, when she is assured due to the failing music industry its unlikely someone new or someone who has come after her and is black (Lady Gaga is the exception here since she leaped across all the hurdles Bey had to face as a black artist) will take her spot as you guys call it I wonder if her success would be as huge. Food for thought.The end (:


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