Drake and Justin Bieber Perform ‘Trust Issues’ at Cali Christmas [Video]

Drake not only shared the stage with Lil Wayne and Tyga, he also surprised the audience by bringing out Justin Bieber at Friday night’s Cali Christmas concert.

“Please welcome my brother to the stage,” said Drizzy before performing “Trust Issues” with his fellow Canadian.

“I’ve known that kid for a long time. One of the most talented musicians I know,” he added. “I brought Justin Bieber out to do some gangsta shit.”

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  1. Ashhab

    I don’t know where those guys are going to .. =P


  2. Um.Well.Sure.

    Oh. my. god. Why did he bring him out to sing if he was going to sound like that? Not trying to sound mean but that was a hot ass mess…


  3. No ma'am

    Justin Bieber is a trip! That rock back and forth walk he picked up cracks me up everytime lol!


  4. EL

    His vocals. Atrocious.


  5. ashgino

    he is whining, and has no soul. So lamn, they about to autotune da fuc outta his next album.


  6. kmarx

    the quality of the video makes JB sound choppy


    Haters Stay Pressed! Reply:

    @kmarx, Please stop! It’s not the quality of the video its his HORRIBLE ass vocals. This lil boy cannot sing! He has no soul & no swag. Black folks need to stop embracing this lil twerp so he can go already!


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