Kanye West Hangs with Big Sean, Olsen Twins on Tour [Video]

Olsen Twin and Kanye West

Kanye West continues to share personal moments from his life in the latest video in his VOYR series. In the episode entitled “Church,” Mr. West takes us backstage at the Watch the Throne tour and to his house, with cameos from Big Sean, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, John Legend, and more.

Sean has a discussion with his mentor about his merchandise and praises his work ethic. “There’s been times when I’ve been in the studio with him and I felt like a little bitch because I would have to go to sleep for just a couple hours and he would be up till his eyes were closed,” he shared. “He grinds like he’s a new artist. That’s why he’s able to be so inventive and reinvent and be such an icon that he is. If there’s one thing I learned from him, it’s persistence.”

Kanye is seen hanging out backstage with the Olsen twins and taking photos that he thinks will become “historical shots” one day. Viewers are also let inside a meeting of the minds at ‘Ye’s L.A. crib with Mannie Fresh, John Legend, Hit-Boy, James Blake, and more. Could they be working on his next album?

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  1. First Comment

    Liking this Videos Ye” #WTT


    Second Comment Reply:

    @First Comment, big sean is so cute.


  2. swaggin!

    big sean, nigga why you calling yo mama a bitch! that ain’t respectfull!


    Wess Reply:

    @swaggin!, he didn’t call his mama that. if u pay close attention u should be able to hear/see that.


  3. ashgino

    so, the onlsen twin, is back with her ex- star quaterback. i like to think he got back with her after the line from Kanye’s song. What guy wouldnt want to be w/ those twins?
    Ye was praising Mannie Fresh to the utmost. And Mannie doesn’t get the recognizition he deserve.


  4. mikkey

    mary-kate olsen is a cute chick


  5. uhuh

    @www.quintessentialquality.com, shoo queer


  6. DrakeTakeCare

    BI BI BITCH BIG!!!!!!!!! :D


  7. yooo

    sorry kanye not everything u do is “historical”.


    WatchTheThrone Reply:

    @yooo, First off, he’s saying his photos WITH Olsen will be historical.
    Second of all, you don’t really have a say in what’s “historical” and what’s not.


    Jorge Reply:

    @yooo, I can tell you what kanye has done that was historical: College Dropout, Late Registration, Graduation, 808′s & Heartbreak, MBDTF, & WTT. Also The Bush and Swift incedents. This man is historical


    yooo Reply:

    @Jorge, you d**k riding hoes need to chill. im sorry if everyone is giving into his bullish personality. I love the dude’s music but him himself is a damn fool.


  8. Mitchell S Jackson

    I’d lick Kanye’s balls


    Ray Reply:

    @Mitchell S Jackson, ewwwww lol


    Will Reply:

    @Ray, #DEAD


  9. Hugh

    Kanye is so deep!


  10. Yakk

    I had no idea Kanye was like this o_O kinda cool


  11. I

    i love how Ye’ gives props to mannie fresh….


  12. @officialpapo

    Kanye won!


  13. Bo

    Kanye West and James Blake would be ammmmmaaazing!


  14. TRA

    Kanye West always stays winning, College Dropout, Late Registration, Graduation, 808s and Heartbreak, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and Watch The Throne is a great collection of albums that Kanye West has released over the last couple of years. Kanye West is a great music artist, and great producer, despite all the hate he gets from biased mainstream pop fans who don’t always know anything about real good music. Kanye has a reputation for being an arrogant jerk, but Kanye’s music is second to none right now. I can’t wait to see hear new great music from Kanye West in the near future, but Kanye West has been winning, since his rap career started.


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