Video: Mary J. Blige – ‘Mr. Wrong’

Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige keeps it classic in the Diane Martel-directed video for “Mr. Wrong.” The R&B icon emerges from a music box to the tune of the Rico Love and Jim Jinson-produced tune off her album My Life II… The Journey Continues (Act I). Amidst disco balls and smoke, MJB poses and dances in a variety of throwback looks, harkening her My Life era. Take a trip down memory lane with the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul.

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  1. Destini

    No Drake?? -_-


  2. Whitney

    @Destini, ikr


  3. Marvin

    It’s okay.


  4. Lisa

    This didn’t do it for me. Drake’s verse is part of the song. You can’t just edit that out and think it won’t affect the quality of the song… You’d expect them to make a mindblowing video, since Drake is gone with the wind. But no. Concept? Milked out. Fashion? Milked out. Conclusion; the song is good, Drake’s feature made it great, they ruined every and any good potential that this track had by not having Drake’s presence.


    CITY Reply:

    @Lisa, LOL…


    :-) Reply:

    @Lisa, girl its ok lmao you went in!


    Lisa Reply:

    @:-), I did, didn’t I? I sounded a little more pressed than I actually am… Lol. Still behind my words, though!


  5. Joey

    Whoever directed this video should be fired. What does the concept of this video had to do with the song? Nothing! It looks like a 90′s dance video but the song ain’t nothing like that. I Just don’t get it…

    Whoever decided to not include Drakes part in this video should be fired. Drakes part was taking this good song to a higher level. Even without him appearing in the video they could’ve still left his part in the songs video.

    This song had great potential for an urban hit…


  6. Themanwhowantedtoseedrake in there

    I`m so disappointed that they didn `t put drake in there


  7. Music Lover

    OMG…im a HUGE mary fan but this song is nothing w/o drake plus the video doesnt capture the concept of the song…this has not been a good era for mary , she should have planned more before relasing this album..the album sales arent good..bad a disappointed fan -_-


    Mary Fan Reply:

    @Music Lover, i have to agree



    I wonder why Drake didn’t appear in this video? The video is okay, but, I think the video would have fit better with “Ain’t Nobody.” Mary still looks sexy though!


  9. Ms.Bossie

    I still enjoyed this video even though Drake wasn’t on it…..Luv it!!!!!!MR.WRONG


  10. tuesday dece mr.

    nice video even tho drake wasn’t in the video


  11. Riell

    To comment would be too much. I hear you Gyrl!!


  12. Sharp Tongue

    I’m upset that Drake wasn’t in the video on top of that the video was so wrong for this song #WTF. Mary now you know you can do better then this shit.


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