Justin Bieber Freestyles Over Biggie’s ‘Who Shot Ya?’ [Video]

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber keeps proving his haters wrong. The teen sensation delivered an impressive freestyle over the Notorious B.I.G.’s classic “Who Shot Ya?” during his appearance on Bootleg Kev’s radio show on Las Vegas’ Hot 97.5. “I’ma be set, so will my great grandkids,” he rapped on his clean verse. Give the boy a hand.


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  1. Troof



  2. Lauryn

    “Who Shot Ya” – Shoooooooooot ME Pleeeeeease. This Lesbian Is Super Duuuuuuuumb! Only Doing To Get Black Fans, Loooooool. Your A Gimmick With No Identity – Puppet Bitch…


  3. Marvin


  4. sitrr

    Justina, give it up.


  5. hahahaha

    He wasn’t bad!


  6. Redchainsaw

    OH! -_-


  7. C94B

    He hopes to be “The Best Ever”, as said in the freestyle.

    Oh come on. We live in a free world and everybody can do whatever the f*ck they want, but in every domain of life, to exist among people, you must follow certain rules of honor. Time changes, people change but these foundations stand still, even if you ear messages telling to do the contrary. These are just words. Actions speak louder. And this kind of actions is louder than anything else since it’s silent and passive, like the moon when it comes and it goes.

    In rap, these values exist, and even though its face is getting messed up, rules of honor are present and prevalent. If you don’t act according to rules, not only you don’t exist, you get buried.

    Freestyling over Biggie’s “Who Shot Ya” means a lot of things. This song is one of rap’s early monuments. I don’t think he should’ve done that. He’s not a rapper, but by doing this, he smashed the door open. Chances are that he won’t get punished. First of all because he’s powerful in the world of Show business, and second of all because he’s young.



    MeMe Doll Reply:

    @C94B, Lol STFU. Yo big, ” I want world peace” lookin ass…F*ck outta here.


    C94B Reply:

    @MeMe Doll,

    Can’t I give my take on this ? Can’t I give my opinion ? What’s the comment section for ? Tell me.

    I know you’re not as ghetto as you want to appear. Don’t try to give yourself a style to run with when you can’t even capture it.

    Answering “Yo big, ” I want world peace” lookin ass” highlights the fact that you didn’t get the synthesis of my comment. It’s very far from having anything to do with world peace, and in fact, if you’d bother to push the reflexion, you’d discover that this order is one of the main reasons why this world is wrong. If you’re not able to step up to this sh*t and give an proper answer, then you should STFU.

    My comment reflects itself on the mind of intelligent people.


  8. charlie

    I’m geting the iphone 5 what do you think of it?


  9. KeepItReal

    i dont want him to return in 2012


  10. Augustus

    He doing his thing. He’s definitely not a rapper but neither am i. I give props to anybody getting money, whether the skill is there or not(# lil b) but somebody tell me wtf c94b is talking about?! Lmfao, you need to lighten up and tighten up.

    Congrats on ya baby momma situation beeb. Them hoes love you now


  11. Carnisha

    He aint no Astro lol. Beiber’s cool hes just having fun!


  12. sherelle

    hi i fine u sound really good but fi it was me i would not sound ant better forget the bad commets a do what a great singer do love u and call me number 7194813


  13. Me

    Its not that serious ppl! Lil wayne can try n sing when we know he cant but JB is not trynna sell rap albums he’s doing it for fun n yall tripping!! If you dont like him, stop followin the story of his life. Get ur own life.
    He did his thang… Go JB!


  14. DancerDavis

    It started kinda rough…but not too bad in the end.


  15. Holtz

    that was bad.


  16. Victoria

    stop hating and go get some respect haterz!;)


    Speechless Reply:

    @Victoria, shouldnt u be getting potty trained somewhere?


  17. No ma'am

    Yall leave that little boy alone lol! He just wanna be down!


  18. Eh

    At least he ain’t using a blackberry.


  19. K-Mac

    I know he’s just rapping for fun that’s why I’m not judging him …BUT this song wasn’t made for fun. It’s real rap.


  20. K-Mac

    Anyway it wasn’t that bad tho ..


  21. Ezz

    I didn’t really like this, not some of his best. But on the other hand.. I couldn’t do any better;) I love Justin. God bless you all :)


  22. 152565

    As long as he doesn’t go rapping for profit like Chris did with “Look At Me Now” and other songs he’s featured in and raps on. Not saying that the song was bad but, you should stick to what got you famous. Nobody likes to do that these days.


  23. Maravish

    Freestyle over some Drake or Soulja Boy but no Biggie please just stop!


  24. b-real

    this kid is wack jesus biggie and pac would slap this little lesbian looking kid if they saw him do this and all u people on here saying i dont have problem with it YOUR NOT HIP-HOP FANS STICK TO UR HIP-POP MUSIC



    at the end when he said “minutes” so many times he was goin in though


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