Review Roundup: Young Jeezy – ‘TM:103: Hustlerz Ambition’

TM103: Hustlerz Ambition

Three years after the release of The Recession, Young Jeezy returns with his latest album TM:103: Hustlerz Ambition, available now. Since then, the landscape of hip-hop has shifted with the rise of artists including Drake, J. Cole, and Big Sean. Does Jeezy still have a place among the current crop of MCs? Find out what the critics had to say about his comeback.

The New York Times: To his credit he’s not mired in old modes on this album, which shows off a more mature Young Jeezy while not quite aging him. The changes are thematic, in part, but also technical. He’s also a better, more accessible rapper than he has been in the past, but this is actually a step backward.

USA Today: Jeezy’s rhymes have lost none of their hard-core edge; the only question is whether fans will still find them inspiring. 3/4

Rolling Stone: Jeezy stays stubbornly true to form on TM:103, rapping with minimal embellishment about getting rich (and high), treating beautiful cars poorly and beautiful women worse. The beats, produced by Southern luminaries like Drumma Boy and J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, are full of imperious synthesizer pageantry, rumbling bass, and frenetic percussion. 3.5/5

Los Angeles Times: What he sacrifices in innovation he compensates for with focus and precision. His ad-libs and punch-ins still slap with ominous Old Testament brutality… Don’t call it a comeback; he’s been feared for years. 3/4

Washington Post: On an album littered with guests, one of Jeezy’s best attributes is made all the more clear—for a rapper, he’s nearly peerless when it comes to delivering hooks, harsh croak and all. Every chorus sounds like a triumph and almost makes you want to chew on fiberglass and try to shout along.

Rap-Up’s Favorite Tracks: “What I Do (Just Like That),” “I Do,” “F.A.M.E.”

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  1. MeloRockstarr

    He got some outstanding reviews doe


  2. hotterboi

    i actually think this is his best cd since TM:101


  3. Ratr

    He’s had an astounding promo for his album, same with J Cole..They’re really showing how the game should be played. I also noted his album held the top position on itunes with Common not too far behind! I havent checked all other music services charts yet, but it’s awesome to see that the album is getting such a great start!!


  4. SNOWMANCTEtheworld

    ”ohhh oohhhh ur boy is back”-young jeezy

    by the way i dont know if yall heard or not next rick ross mixtape called ”jeezy drop i dont”


    shegotit Reply:

    @SNOWMANCTEtheworld, HAHA!!!!!!


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  6. Youlovemyswag82

    This is not jezzys best album we waited but it still sounds rushed.If you gonna go street go all the way street it is not vintage jezzy.I guess artist lose there hunger.the hooks are wack too many leaked tracks prior to release.Def Jam with all those delays.The DJ drama mix tape was better than this


  7. Hugh

    Chew on fiberglass and try to shout along!
    200k first week

    Ha HAAAA!


  8. Marcia

    YOOO IS JEEZY CRAZY!??? serously dawg, seruiosly in all seriousness, lol, Jeezy has tried to do the LEAST AS POSSIBLE for his self proclaimed LEGENDARY status .*calls jeezys phone and yells* YOU ONLY CAME OUT WITH 2 ALBUMS IN 6 YEARS!!! ..and i like how hes in denial abt it too thats cool, cuz he prolly gone retire after 103 anyway, in his mind he is just a street dude who hit a lick, he linked up wit BMF at the rite time, because before then/them NOBODY WAS PAYING ATTENTION TO JEEZY, ASK BLEU!! BLEU dont even hang wit him now he out, so wat does that really tell you abt this guy, HE HASNT PUT NOBODY ON, and he seruiosly thinks he is a LEGEND .smh he got tooo comfy on top and got knocked off PERIOD. NOW prove you worth it and stop TALKIN ..lil jay jenkins has really changed LOL


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