Timbaland Tells All on E!’s ‘True Hollywood Story’ [Video]


“I’m not covering up shit. The truth shall set me free,” said Timbaland, who bared all during his E! “True Hollywood Story.”

The super-producer took viewers on his path to becoming one of music’s most influential figures and revealed some secrets including the time he contemplated suicide after his drastic weight gain and his love for Aaliyah.

The 45-minute episode also featured commentary from Timbo’s friends and collaborators including Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliott, Pharrell, Keri Hilson, and his wife and parents.

Watch the full episode below.


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  1. myke

    This was absolutely amazing!


  2. Me

    Now i Got only Respect for em


  3. Jstamir

    Timmy T god of music


  4. Kahari

    Timbaland’s journey to stardom is such a powerful one, to come from a struggle to become one of the most prolific musical super producers, is just so inspiring. His ability to got all out on a limb to do something that he love is so amazing. Without a doubt, Tim is a musical genius and a living legend. I’m re-inspired for my love for music.


  5. TC

    Long Live The King!!!


  6. juAn

    cool episode. i definitely have more respect for him as an artist/producer.


  7. Erin

    This was sooooo good. His story is amazing!


  8. Hugh

    Amazing story. He went through so much!


  9. Tyler Kochman

    Wow, I mean Aaliyah WAS incredibly beautiful, a talent to admire, and seems to have been an incredibly kinds and lovable person. Just never really knew he liked her as more than a “sister”. It makes sense, she was ‘More Than a Woman’. I’d believe almost anyone who says they loved her, because she seems to have been a lovable person. All respects to Aaliyah, RIP! Timbaland is like my favorite producer, love his work with Missy Elliott, Nelly Furtado, Aaliyah, Magoo, Justin Timberlake and more of many others he’s collaborated with.


  10. Tyler Kochman

    OMG! He admitted for the first time I’m aware of that Cry Me A River WAS about Britney (not like all of us didn’t already see that).


  11. Tyler Kochman

    I meant Justin admitted Cry Me a River as about Britney btw


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