Beyoncé Goes Holiday Shopping in SoHo


With Christmas just days away, Beyoncé joined last-minute shoppers as she stocked up on some holiday gifts for herself and her loved ones. The pregnant singer, rocking a black leather jacket and animal-print leggings, was spotted leaving Curve women’s boutique in New York City on Wednesday (Dec. 21).

B’s album 4 landed at #3 on the Associated Press’ Best Albums of 2011 list. “It had no big smash singles compared with Beyoncé’s past albums, and underperformed commercially. Artistically, though, it was a triumph,” proclaimed the news organization. Others on the list include Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne, Frank Ocean’s Nostalgia, Ultra, The Roots’ undun, and Adele’s 21, which comes in at #1.

Beyoncé Beyoncé

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  1. W

    Finally someone agrees with me! 4 didnt have hit singles but it was such a solid good album .


    Mimi Reply:

    @W, Right, happy to be not the only one who recognize it


  2. nadalburton

    now they r beginning to see and say what i and the few who knw good and great music said when ’4′ came out…..i said it ws amazing..besides i will have to say ds ppu shudnt shut d album ’4′ out 4rm having a smash single…cos dia r songs dat cud smash a la ‘end of time’ ‘i was here’ and ‘schoolin life’ probably after d birth of d child and a fews months off…if give complete attention and promo…


  3. nadalburton



  4. Lauryn

    I’m Sorry But For The Real Music Lovers Chart Toppers, Etc Etc Don’t Mean Sh*********t! It’s About The Music & “4″ Is A Definite Playback On Repeat Vibing To It As If I’ve Never Heard It Before!
    The King Reign’s Supreme…


  5. Redchainsaw

    You can tell she doesn’t want to be photographed lol!
    As for “4″ it was an amazing album it debut At 1 and it’s almost Platinum,I don’t see that as being underperformed I mean yeah maybe for Beyonce because most of her albums are 2-3x Platinum….but 4 did pretty well,if it had sold under 500K then that would underperform


    tuesday dece dimez Reply:

    @Redchainsaw, ture


    Kyle Reply:

    @tuesday dece dimez, I agree. I think they mean compared to her past three albums this one didn’t perform well. Especially following up “I Am…Sasha Fierce” which spawned multiple hits and had a shelf life of over a year. But considering, “4″ didn’t fare too bad.


    Redchainsaw Reply:

    @Kyle, Yeah I Am Sasha Fierce is hard to follow up,becaus eto me I thought that was a defining album is her career


  6. Lauryn

    People (Not Artist’s) Who Need To Chart Top & Have Radio/TV Smashes Are All About Having Evidence That They Are Doing The Right Thing! Oh Pleeeease And Yes I’m Calling Out Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Drake, Lil Wayne, Birdwoman… You B*tches Ain’t Sh************t, Always Need Something Done On Paper To Be Recognised. Your Music Can’t Make No One Feel Good!!!


    YEEEES Reply:

    @Lauryn, You’re right. I don’t understand why people equate the popularity of a song/artist with the word talent.


    KillBill Reply:

    @Lauryn, #IDone #Dead #ICant at Birdwoman.


  7. queenbeyoncestan

    aww my beybey 4 was definitely a good album loved it just like bey


  8. lob

    I just wanna pinch her cheeks <3
    As for 4, i've been telling people that it might be her best album, only dil compares, i'm glad she decided to make the music she really loves instead of doing something generic just to have hits.


  9. marcus

    Yep! you can tell she didnt want pics taken..I think it’s lack of selfesteem.. due to her weight gain…

    bUT MOMMA HAS TO DO DOWN IN RECORD. AS THE MOST STYLEISH PREG femael celeb.. cause she been killin it..IM WORRIED BOUT ONE THING.. after the baby. WILL she have that STOMACH back..and waistline..

    NOw as far as the album. I agree 100%..if you notice. this go around. BEYONCE captured many others. whom wasnt fans of hers b4..cause she gave a more grown up Have fun sound. and even tho her singles didnt make smash hits…They are yet relevant all onthe charts and radio spins..

    SONGS SUCH AS pARTY.. WILL BE PLAYED OUT THROUGH 2012.. CAUSE ITS THAT Party have fun song…..(SHE TOOK RISK) as she’s always have with her music. and it worked….BTW: some 1 said almost plnt. no boo. HER ALBUM in states alone is 1mill now…

    Her album world wide is at 1.9 mill.. andddd SHE IS THE #1 SELLING BLK FEMALE ARTIST OF 2011.



    mofan95 Reply:

    @marcus, actually she has only sold 990,000 in the us and 2.1 million ww.


  10. Real Issh

    She looks flawless , as always . “4″ been a great album since it came out , if it took u all these months to find out .. You’re a f-cking fool .


  11. KillBill

    I’m waiting for album 5.


  12. mitchxo

    is this some sort of sick joke? where is born this way on that list?!


    Redchainsaw Reply:

    @mitchxo, Born This Way was a horrible album!!,thats why its not on the list…….She’s needs another classic like The Fame & The Fame Monster


  13. my name is oo

    Oh my god, she is so adorable.


  14. IluvChicken!

    4 was ahmazing.


  15. tuesday dece dimez

    man bee don’t even look fat on that facieee she look preettyyyy


  16. l0l

    her thighs are thick she better kick some of the weight i dont like when she supper skinny


  17. :D

    i wanna no who was number 2 and ppl say how can she walk n heels when she having a baby all celebs were heels


  18. wow

    no negative comments im so happy 4 the first time no bad comments on a rap up post


  19. @IamMrHAndsome

    Who cares!! Look at that $4,000 dollar purse baby!! #GetIt


  20. Kyle

    I’m glad the AP recognized Beyonce’s album as one of the best of the year. I must say I enjoy all her albums, but I think everyone could agree that “4″ was her most artistic. I could care less if she ever got another top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 again, as long as we keep getting albums that show her growth and maturity as an artist then I’d be 100% satisfied. I agree with one of the comments above in that everytime I play this album I act as if I’m hearing it for the first time. #Goodmusic


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  22. KaramelKisses

    Great job B! 4 is ANOTHER classic standing strong beside DIL. People talk about how the album underperformed (which according to her other albums make sense) but think back, she never really pushed the album or did these extravagant promos. I think that she made 4 for herself, some of the music she loves to listen to and/or has been inspired by (the Chi-Lites, New Edition, etc). As far as singles go, no she didn’t have any smashes this time around but she did have quality music … look at Adele, she only had 2 singles.


  23. KaramelKisses

    I’m just glad that in 2011 there were some artists that decided NOT to follow the “yellow brick road” of cramming that euro pop, dance music down our throats. Thank you B, Adele and GaGa and for those wanting or missing the “old” B … buy the old CDs. “Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still.”


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  25. arob

    I loved 4, it is one album that I can play all the way through minus Run the World. It was different from the radio, I just wish she wouldn’t have rushed it. But I’m sure she has learned how to manage herself better. I hope she continues this with her next album. In my opinion 4 didn’t get the proper promotion, like her other albums. I prefer quality any day.


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