‘X Factor’ Finale Performances: 50 Cent, Leona Lewis, Justin Bieber, & Pitbull

50 Cent invaded Thursday’s “X Factor” finale with a super-sized performance. First up, the G-Unit general debuted “Wait Until Tonight,” a cut off his mixtape The Big 10, live for the first time. He also took it back, linking up with eliminated contestant Astro for “In Da Club” as the show’s judges and members of the L.A. Lakers danced onstage.

British “X Factor” champ Leona Lewis wowed with her cover of Snow Patrol’s “Run,” Pitbull got the party started with “International Love” and “Give Me Everything” with Ne-Yo, and Justin Bieber spread some holiday cheer with Stevie Wonder.

Pitbull – “International Love” + “Give Me Everything” with Ne-Yo

Leona Lewis – “Run”

Justin Bieber – “The Christmas Song” with Stevie Wonder + “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town”

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  1. jo

    Pretty lame that Chris Brown didn’t sing his part on International Love and we were left with Neyo’s bald head.

    Chris I’ve noticed doesn’t seem to ever show up when another artist is performing a song that he’s featured on. Interesting.

    Stevie Wonder though rocked the stage as usual.


    Chilled Reply:

    @jo, I’m so tired of people nagging at his every little thing. Just be happy that been staying out of negative headlines. And he just performed with Big Sean at Cali Christmas anyway. He’s not just gonna drop what he has to do and come and sing the chorus of Pit’s song. Do you even know if Pitbull even invited him?


    Be Reply:

    @jo, Actually, in LA at the huge Jingle show or whatever where Drake, J. Cole and Big Sean all headlined. He showed up for Sean to do his part for their smash hit “My Last” CB also helped Sea out with the song at the BET Awards earlier this year.


  2. jo

    And if people think it cuz of his reputation that Chris Brown didn’t perform, remember the past year he has performed at: SNL, The Today Show (in front of a record of over 18,000 ppl, even besting Lady Gaga and Coldplay) the VMAs, and the AMAs and Good Morning America.

    Clearly producers of shows have no problem having him on. Plus they had both 50 cent and R.Kelly on the show on X Factor this week. And we all know Kelly’s problem with attraction to little girls and 50 Cent’s drug dealing past.

    Makes me think Chris Brown really isn’t’ kidding when he says he really doesn’t give an eff. International Love is Pitbull’s song afterall. lol. Oh Chris.


    Ok... Reply:

    @jo, Why are you on here ranting about the dumbest sh*t?


  3. vargas

    general 50 cent killed that bitch i’m feeling he’s on his way back on top.


  4. lois

    damn 50 killed this shit, 50, Yayo and Astro made X-Factor look like BET awards, shit was great Fif kip up the gud work


  5. chris



  6. GagaQueenofPopNovaLidole

    talk about Z-List performers! But what else can u expect when the ratings for X factor was lacking. What A list star would dare go on it when u can only expect 9 million viewers. A mess


  7. chris

    astro boy z chicken doodoo,wat a fugly f***ed up mess.


  8. Triniti

    Marcus Canty KILLED that performance! LA Reid & Timbaland need to stop playing and get him in the studio, pronto! Ne-Yo & Pitbull did well.

    I, unlike the majority of people on this site, have no problem with Justin Bieber. But for him to grace the same stage as the legendary Stevie Wonder is an insult.

    Leona did well, although I felt like she was holding back for some reason.

    The Lakers definitely provided the night’s comedic effect. Astro was more entertaining than 50.


  9. Arie

    Its good that Chrıs Brown does not show up they have to ask hım to and thus pay hım they should not assume. He does not need the promo they do


  10. JoJo

    @trinity i totally agree with you about everything. apart from the bit about justin beiber i feel like ever since his voice has cracked he can not perform live anymore .also it did feel like leona lewis was holding back


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  12. Caligraphy

    50′s performance was hot, last thing he needed was Astro on stage.


  13. BJW

    I really do not like Justin Bieber and I’m upset because he finally gave a good performance.But, I will still never be a belieber


  14. SAM

    4:16 “Imma tell you what “Astro” told me…” ;P


  15. jake



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