Lil Wayne Debuts Web Series ‘Weezy’s Sports Corner’

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is sharing his love for sports. Surrounded by Green Bay Packers memorabilia, the sports fanatic introduced his new online show “Weezy’s Sports Corner.” The idea originally started when he was in prison. He used his blog to talk sports and communicate with his fans. The unscripted web series will be posted every Saturday and viewers will be able to interact with Wayne by submitting questions. If he is “intrigued,” he will answer them on the next show.

“My love for sports started when I was about zero years old. That means I was born a sports child,” said Wayne. “It was mostly the women in my family. My mom and my grandmother, they were just super sporty… They loved their teams, they loved football, they loved baseball, they loved basketball.”

The Young Money chief will also be a co-host on the upcoming ESPN show “The Sports Rap” with Rob Parker and Jalen Rose. “It will be no holds barred,” explained Weezy.

Watch him discuss the NBA, NFL, skateboarding, and college sports in the inaugural seven episodes.

NBA Basketball

College Basketball


College Football


Wrap Up

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  2. StarsAreBlind

    He won’t do interviews, but he’ll do this… I’m ok that (kinda). I guess he’s setting up for his retirement in about four years. This seems like something he likes.


    StarsAreBlind Reply:

    @StarsAreBlind, *ok with that


  3. Breezy

    that aint Weezy, Weezy was the best rapper alive, he’s Tunechi now… so it should be Tunechi’s Sports Corner


    stirr Reply:

    @Breezy, Weezy has a ghost writer. That’s why he’s Tunechi now cause ever since his writer clearly stopped writing for him, Weezy been dead


  4. acbtheillest

    he shouldn’t have to do interviews if he doesn’t want to. This is something talking about something he loves, sports, not about himselfs. I think this sounds dope.
    love you tunechi <333333


    C94B Reply:


    Word. He’s got the influence and the choice to do exactly what he wants to do. Let him do his sh*t. That’s something I understand and respect.


  5. BOI

    yeah leggo patriots happy for weezy doing something he enjoys


  6. widell

    weezy who do you think is the best player in the nba Lebron, kobe, or kevin durant?


  7. RDK

    keep doing you weezy.


  8. Thaniah

    Haters gon hate,fulk what 50 thinks & any other rapper shud follow the leader..MR TUNE


  9. shakeLIFE

    Wayne knows sports, so ya i wouldnt mind his insight

    Weezy stan….green uggs and everything


  10. Anna-Lee

    dear mr carter,
    why are you interested in the packers and not the saints because your from new orleans?


  11. Arie

    Just becoz you’re from a certaın area ıt does not mean you have to favour a team ın the same area. People open yourselves up to new experıences and the world. Weezy ıs brave for doıng thıs let the men grow


  12. lil money

    this is live lil wayne


  13. tunechiKing

    PLEASEPEOPLE ANyone knos what is the name of that new era that wayne is wearing on the vido? and wnhat team is that rat on ? plz answer meee :)


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  15. Dayana

    did you rlaley just put 50 and lloyd banks up there with eminem, common, jada and nas? and then say they were real hip hop? you’re crazy son.


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