Nelly Furtado Hits the Studio with Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins

Nelly Furtado

Make way for Nelly Furtado. The “Promiscuous” singer is returning to pop music in 2012 with her fourth English album, formerly titled Lifestyle. In her “T.S.I (Part One)” video, she hits the studio with super-producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins. The two have recorded about 10 songs together for the summer release.

“This is my first time working with Rodney Jerkins,” says the Canadian songbird. “I only met him about six weeks ago actually. We hit it off creatively. We definitely speak a creative language together and it’s really fun working with him.”

Go inside Nelly and Darkchild’s recording sessions.

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  1. Musiclover

    Nelly is gonna slay 2012.


  2. Redchainsaw

    It’s about time!Mi Plan didn’t do that well…..but I’m sure she’s gonna pen some hits


  3. TeamRoman

    Your run is done! Hang it up flatscreen! All about Riri & Minaj in 2012.


    Cassie Reply:

    @TeamRoman, wow, nicki really does have the rudest fans. no respect for anyone. disgusting.


    TeamRoman Reply:

    @Cassie, Team Minaj bitch, if you dont like it, keep it moving Stupid Hoe! Minaj takeover 2012, once again!


    Neon Reply:

    @TeamRoman, Grow up.


    Redchainsaw Reply:

    @TeamRoman, Lmaoooooo!!! Minaj is taking over anything,all those Medicore music she keeps releasing and of course her “yes fans” like yourself will love every word of it because your ears isn’t mature enough


    MaZ Reply:

    @TeamRoman, Nicky first single is the worst ever! She’s gonna slay ass! Keep eatin her shit doggy!


    devin Reply:

    @TeamRoman, Are you sick-minded? I mean, I never even heard from Manaj, and I don’t really care too.
    Nelly makes good music, and she’s my favorite artist.
    She’s NOT a cheap-ass artist who’s making itself sound like a calculator…



    hope Timbaland or Justin Timberlake is on the alum. they work well together


  5. GiftedSince92


    BITCH shut the fuck up and stop putting down other artists who are talented as well. Smh… you making the rest of us Nicki fans look bad. You can be a fan of Nicki instead of kissing her ass. Grow up. I like some of Nelly’s music. The song she did with Timbaland was the SHIT. She’s pretty cool. 2012 ALL artists who are destined to be GREAT are TAKING OVER. We don’t need an ignorant stupid to dictate who’s taking over and who’s not.


  6. Hugh

    Hope she does work with Timbo again.

    I’ve loved Nelly for 10 years!


  7. me

    As much as I love Nelly and love(d) Timbaland, I doubt they could recreate the magic they did on Loose. That album is truly a classic!!

    Ever since Tim associated with that J-Roc guy, he kept releasing cheap ass music. Bring back Danja in the mix!


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  9. Nick

    If the first single is hot, she can probably make a comeback. Those hits were back in 2006 for her.


  10. EricODessa

    @Redchainsaw….Mi PLan was Furtados’ most criticaly aclaimed album, winning a grammy for latin pop album. It did Great and was wonderful!@TeamRoman…..Niki minaj is an amazing performance artist and rapper. Furtado is an amazing songwriter/composer/singer/rapper. There is no comparrison. To quote “J.T. and furtado. There run will never be over…not atleast until they say”


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  12. devin

    2012 is gonna be amazing! :)
    We love you Nelly!


  13. Jay

    Man, I was just listening to Nelly’s older albums wonder when she was coming back. Love Nelly! We need her voice and musical perspective out there right now. Can’t wait to hear what she and darkchild come up with! :)


  14. Brandon

    First of all yes Nelly has been gone for a while now but this always happens to her the thing with her is that every time she comes back she makes it bigger & bigger. We saw wish. Jelly with her first single ever she won a Grammy where’s nickis Grammy ? Huh? Her second album wasnt her best but you know why because she didn’t promoted it and that’s because she was pregnant so she couldn’t do nothing but the album was still in the billboard top 20. We all know Loose. Her biggest album ever, it went platinum in over 75 times in over 35 countries, not even Adele, Mariah Carey or Madonna has done this, she toured for 2 years and the album stayed on the billboard charts for over 2 years, if you google she’s on the top 10 artist who’ve done this ever Plus her songs still are played in the major radio stations in the USA like z100, y100 s fm & many more , the only song that they play from Nicki is Supperbass and that’s it -.- so common. Nelly came back in 2009 with her fully Spanish album which was #1 in the Latin charts and she also toured for over a year and a half plus she won another Grammy. The thing about her is that she always comes out with something new and unique so yes she’s hopefully gunna slay next year like she always done it. So I don’t get why the hate tho ? Yes Nicki & Rihanna slayed for the past 2 years, I’m also a huge Nicki & a MORE Rihanna Fan I have every single album she has & I still love Nelly, Also Nicki is getting type annoying she does the same thing over and over and she doesnt even rap anymore -.- honestly shes more of a pop artist than a hip-hop not even R&B & you know why is this is because she would do anything to get more fame so common let’s not be judgmental in here. Now not only jelly is coming back next year there’s also alot of more great artist that are coming back next year, There Cassie, Timbaland, JoJo, Madonna, Jannet Jackson, No doubt, Obviously Nelly Furtado Maybe Justin Timberlake & Madonna. My honest though is that I can’t wait for all of them to come back us they all been out for a seriously long time & all of them are way better than the artist that are playin on the radio right now. So common stop the hate & be happy Nelly & the rest of all these GREAT Artists.


  15. Brandon

    Lmaoo all those ‘Jelly’ are Nelly is This stupid spell checker -.-



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  17. Marian

    I can’t wait for Nelly’s new album. I hope that she becomes huge again. She is really talented!


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