Video: 50 Cent – ‘They Burn Me’

50 Cent

50 Cent shares his pain in the video for “They Burn Me,” which he released from the vault on Christmas Day. In the deep clip, a burned 50—who had his body and face disfigured for the part—lays in the hospital as the mother of his child is seen profiting off his misfortune. The storyline was drawn from his real life experience.

“They burned me. I held on to that [for a] long time. It’s personal, but now everyone can see it,” explained the rapper. “I’m over the issues on it. I write better when I’m in pain.”

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    this video lost shit video suck .


  2. Lauryn

    Are You Kidding Me. #GoAway


  3. amina love lil wayne

    oooooooooh my god alah ychafik


  4. keraleestewart



    mnm Reply:

    @keraleestewart, lmaoooooooooooooooooooo


  5. Zack

    one of 50′s realest and best songs…great concept for the video too


  6. rinaldo

    This is what happens to a great song when all you use in your pocket to finance the video is pocket lint, shame on 50 this shit deserved way better. From this video to things fall apart its quality that hurts you the most son.


  7. kay

    50 make more sense in his music than most of this rappers. He is more of a poet, not some bs hook and bunch of bragging like most rappers (dont ask me who, you know them).


  8. fsjetsons

    fitty comin bak tho’ #fsetsons #sk


    fsjetsons Reply:

    @fsjetsons, #fsjetsons


  9. chris

    did he have to make himself more fugly than he already is..


  10. shishi

    is he really burnt


  11. shishi

    call if he is


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