Rap-Up TV: T-Pain Shares Bond with Chris Brown and Ke$ha

In the final part of his interview with Rap-Up TV, T-Pain opens up about his friendship with Chris Brown and Ke$ha.

“I think my relationship with Chris is better than anybody else,” shares the “5 O’Clock” singer. “I don’t think I chill or bond with any other artist like that.”

T-Pain collaborated twice with Chris on his new album rEVOLVEr. “He’s winning more than anybody right now,” says a supportive Pain. “I don’t bother him, I don’t even call him, I just wait till he calls me.”

While they may seem like an odd pair, he and Ke$ha bonded because they’re both “rock stars.” But the “TiK ToK” singer is holding out on a collaboration. “She’s disappeared off the face of the Earth,” jokes Pain. “She has a song for me, but she don’t want to give it to me ’cause she think I’ma put it out.”

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  3. Tracie

    TPain amazed me with his vocal talent during the FAME tour! He’s very talented! Sounds like he’s a good friend too.


    No! Reply:

    @Tracie, Your kidding right?

    His albums are autotuned and he can’t duplicate that effect manually.

    He sounded awful on the mtv2008 awards with wayne. Wayne sounded like his albums, but pain…well fell way way short of coming close to how he sounds on the radio.


    damit! Reply:

    @No!, Damn, here we go, why can’t some ever post anything positive for a change? Not trying to be harsh, but still.


  4. Mitchell S Jackson

    T Pain know what’s up!!! My man C Breezy is def winning and I wanna win his nut on my butt!


    VONiE Reply:

    @Mitchell S Jackson, That was way too much info and def. not cute.


    Lisa Reply:

    @VONiE, women say this type of stuff on a regular, a man says it and all of a sudden you’re grossed out? It’s 2011 going on 2012. Grow up.


    Mitchell S Jackson Reply:

    @VONiE, Shut up hoe u mad u got stale puss??? Don’t nobody want ya Ass


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