Sean Kingston Celebrates Christmas with Soulja Boy, Teyana Taylor [Video]

Sean Kingston threw a holiday house party with his closest friends and family at his new crib in the Hollywood Hills. The singer, whose third album Back 2 Life is due next year, celebrated with Soulja Boy, Ray J, Teyana Taylor, Romeo, and his girlfriend, model Maliah Michel. Mama Kingston cooked up the festive meal and guests danced the night away while overlooking the city. Spend Christmas with the Kingstons.

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  1. ughreally

    Looks like a lot of fun! Seems like good food, dancing, music, etc. To have some industry friends at your home with your family speaks to their closeness. I peeped songwriter (check: Rihanna’s last two albums) Priscilla Renea, Chloe Mitchell (wrote Kanye West’s poem on “Blame Game”) and Gerren (former model and “Baldwin Hills” co star ) who is apparently best friends with Ben J of New Boyz now.

    Kind of neat to see who kicks it with each other. Like, Chris Brown and Teyana Taylor haven’t seemed so close in a while, he was in LA for Christmas. He was friends with Soulja Boy in the past too. Or Ben J and Legacy don’t really hang out outside of music relationships. I think Legacy is more into technology and rock and stuff. And why isn’t Malia seen WITH her boyfriend Sean at all, like not dancing together, or him making her a plate..

    Just things I notice.


  2. coolio

    While everyone was dancing, Sean went back to finish the left overs.


  3. chris

    f**** u coolio


  4. tues part 2

    looks like alot of fun


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