New Music: T.I. f/ Dr. Dre – ‘Popped Off’

T.I. and Dr. Dre

T.I. throws a gangsta party with Dr. Dre on “Popped Off,” their completed collaboration off Tip’s new mixtape F*ck Da City Up. “It’s been a while since ya’ll heard these beats, you’re malnourished/ But he’s back now to flood these streets and shall flourish,” raps the Doc over the Dre-produced beat, which samples Kool & the Gang’s “Summer Madness.”

“He got hot beats and I got dope rhymes, so we can always get together and make music,” Tip told MTV News of working with the West Coast icon. “But for people to feel what we’re sayin’ and for it to sound like a party comin’ through your speakers, you gonna have to create some chemistry. So that’s what we spent more time doin’ than anything else; developing that chemistry.”

Light the chronic and let the good times roll.

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  1. MMMMMmmmmmmmm



  2. Humz

    Awesome sound…

    Sounds like Dre’s part was written by Eminem. Good choice.
    And T.I’s flow is great


  3. curtis

    This is the beat amerie and fabo used for a track


  4. Icy

    This is exactly the same beat as Amerie’s “More Than Love” from a couple of years ago


  5. Jorge

    Dre had this beat for like 5 years its in a dr. pepper commercial like 3 years ago. Amerie & fab used it after. Dre has beats for years


  6. Zeezy

    Shit sounds like Wale’s Mama Told Me -.-


  7. wohoo

    lame song..



    To all mixtape DJs lets make 2012 the year you guys stop ruining the music with all that unnecessary yelling on the track.


    kingkoopa Reply:

    @ITAINTYOBABY, hahahaha


  9. New Music: T.I. f/ Dr. Dre – ‘Popped Off’

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  10. Hugh

    Do ce do

    Em definitely did some work on this


  11. nicegirl

    Best track on the mixtape, along with the track with Nelly. The rest of the mixtape I had mixed reactions about.


  12. Abdul

    Why are some of you complaining? it’s from a mixtape & its a leaked song. I give it 4.5 – 5

    I love the beat!


  13. tiki taka

    this sounds just like and old school song.. and i’m proud of dre.
    bringing back the good beats


  14. x

    amerie samples ‘summer madness’ the reference track t.i. did for dre was produced by another producer who also sampled ‘summer madness’ this track is dre’s version of the sample. this is a brand new song just same title:popped off.


  15. KRTNYC

    The beat is actually produced by The Buchanans…


  16. Big Wiz

    SONG WAS PRODUCED BY THE BUCHANANS. it was originally on the detox project


  17. Big Wiz

    The Buchanans produced both! the track was originally given to Amerie. no money was paid .then dr.dre called for the beat. it was then sold.


  18. J.R

    This song came out like 3 years ago. Dre just added a verse and T.I added a new verse. The original had three verses from T.I.


  19. Polo

    This instrumental goes harder though
    can someone put Amerie’s vocals over THIS production
    and btw “more than love” is an amazing r&b tune
    I hope the Buchanans recent work with her sounds like hellfire


  20. von



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