New Music: 50 Cent f/ Jeremih – ‘Girls Go Wild’

Girls Go Wild

50 Cent shakes up the clubs on his new single “Girls Go Wild” featuring Jeremih, which premiered on his MySpace page. The whimsical banger, produced by Mike Will, features radio-friendly rhymes from Fif and a catchy sing-song hook.

An upset 50 took to Twitter to express his disappointment with the song’s early premiere. “I have lost all the faith in the team I’m on,” he wrote. “I having nothing left to say I will not be promoting my music.”

[MySpace via HipHop-N-More]

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  1. Aimanos

    Love it. can’t wait to hear the new 50 cent and Lil’ Kim song


  2. Popintl

    Didn’t listen to the track yet but the BODY and BODY ART IS SICK!!!!!


    Koollie Reply:

    @Popintl, yeah man, I would love to feed that tiger in the mouth lol


    me Reply:

    @Koollie, the tiger is a carnivore.. I would ram my meat in its mouth!


    BLAZE Reply:

    @me, Tiger needs a bottle of this milk hahahahaha


  3. Drake&CiaraFan

    Havent listened yet, but 50 Cent needs to compromise. I mean even though his label isnt doing everything he wants, its his last album with them and he should make the best of the situation. After all, if something goes wrong, it affects all of them, and if they leaked his track, he should at least try to promote it.


    Kyle Reply:

    @Drake&CiaraFan, good point. He is just going to cause an even bigger problem than he already has and it’s just going to take him longer to release the album which will THEN just take him longer to get out of his contract. Just bite the bullet and make the best out of it.


  4. andrew

    this is horrible… seriously..??? come on fif…


  5. Darius

    Come on….lets be serious here, this is something Interscope pushed out of him. There’s a reason why he didn’t want to release it and kept delaying it, for one it’s unmastered and Interscope leaked it. Just like they did with I’m on it, hoping 50 would release his album already. Let him take the time he wants, this is silly.

    It’s so obvious now who leaked his last album more than a month before it’s release date as well. Interscope.


  6. Zack



  7. A Realist

    I loveeee the artwork! Very creative. The song is pretty cool, too. It could do nicely if promoted. They did great with the other collaboration they did together.


  8. Lety g-unit

    G-Unit Soldier!


  9. hahahah

    i love this song 50 pls promote it this going to be a hit man


  10. Ice

    I expected better.


  11. arob

    I hate this radio friendly shit. The other song they did together was better.


  12. asap

    its a club banger


  13. T

    sounds good.


  14. sadi

    this wont sell


  15. yeahyeah



  16. joey

    its good but fifty can give something so much stronger than this


  17. Kyle

    His music has no substance and if you think about it, he has not progressed or done anything innovative since his debut dropped almost 10 years ago. Every new song he drops has the same content his old songs had but he just words it a little bit differently. He has no flow either…definitely not a good lyricist. #ANNOYING.


  18. Mr Nice Watch

    WTF is this. Go home.


  19. ?


    lollllllllllll, you probably only listen to his mainstream singles, stfu


  20. ed

    the body art… hot. the song… not so much. 50 is done.


  21. Triniti



  22. Rap*

    i expected this to be hot but its wack.


  23. Jose

    Sexy artwork, horrible music.


  24. yo

    hot song , already stucked in my head !!!


  25. Thenew50cent

    im 50cent fan i know few pep from gunit but the true its some problems 50 get & the song its not good that all


  26. OVOXO



  27. chris

    Horrible. Its called Karma and being Washed up.


  28. nicegirl

    It’s alright but I know he can do better. Very radio friendly and club friendly though.


  29. 50 or die

    best song of 2012 so far


  30. Thaeyecatcher

    ABSOLUTE GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  31. BLAZE

    The song is alright


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  33. dakid4rmdasouth

    Its too mainstream but it growed on me. its something for the ladies. now we need something hard straight street single that cna catch airwaves. interscope just leaking everything he does since 2007′s follow my lead video to before i self destruct to Girls gone wild. whats up with the interscope if he don’t sell they don’t make money. they don’t really have nobody else. the big 10 is the hottest mixtape he dropped. this year let da kid shine.


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