Alicia Keys Visits Mr. Brainwash’s Art Exhibit

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys spent her holiday break getting some inspiration. The Grammy-winning singer and her husband Swizz Beatz checked out pop artist Mr. Brainwash’s latest art exhibit in Los Angeles over New Year’s weekend. Alicia posed under the colorful paint cans in the shape of a heart and admired the portrait of a young Michael Jackson made out of broken records.

“If you’re in the LA area you should absolutely go! It’s like a fantasy!” wrote Alicia on her Tumblr page. “Huge installations of everything u can imagine from oversized polaroid cameras to cars shoved into a hole. Huge 10 foot tall spray cans and Darth Vader made out of tires and one of my personal favorites, his crazy cool broken record series where iconic pictures are made out of broken records. Everyone will love this exhibit. All ages. It’s like a fun house!”

Swizz is a big art collector, owning pieces by Brainwash and Jean-Michel Basquiat, among other famed artists.

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz Alicia Keys

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  1. DeeJay

    I really enjoyed the pic, Mr. Brainwash is a genius, I seen some of his pieces in person.


  2. Shade

    awesooomeee wish i could go this type of art is so amazing!


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  6. Siera.

    I Wanna Go. :(


  7. Anita

    Love the first picture. It’s sweet.


  8. nicegirl

    That’s amazing.


  9. coolio

    Alicia sexy as hell


  10. Molly

    Mr. Brainwash just rips off other people’s work, anyone who thinks he’s any good doesn’t know much about art. His stuff would be good if he was in 10th grade, but he’s not, and he’s making millions. It disgusts me and all other artists around the world.


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