New Music: Tank – ‘Next Breath’

Next Breath

Tank pours his heart out on “Next Breath,” the new single off his conceptual album Savior, due this spring. The tender piano-driven ballad, produced by (The) Composer and written by Kevin McCall, is a love letter to the lady in his life. “I don’t think I’ve ever, ever really told you how much I need you,” sings a vulnerable Tank. Open your arms and let him in.

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  1. Ruthy

    Like always, Tank delivers!


  2. SlappinHoesSince89

    idk but he sexy!


  3. KimIsTheQueen

    NO! Visually, he is a hottie though!


  4. Maxim

    While R&B has this guy it won’t die!

    It’s really beautiful track. Looking forward to Tank’s next project!


  5. Ray

    SMASH! he killed the vocals


  6. nicegirl

    OMG he is too damn sexy. Yes, I love the song too.


  7. Superfly

    Tank, you have done it again, Son! Man I love the way you continue to create your own sounds without sampling old stuff. Man, you are a true artist. I put my phones on and complete engineering drawing to your past stuff all day long. Good lookin out homie!


  8. honor

    I first feel in love with you when you did background vocals for a couple of songs on Jamie Foxxs album. Your voice is grisly butter and the way you play with words and rifts ing.


  9. Ashley

    No words can describe my love for the vocals of this R&B angel on “Next Breath” because when I heard this song last year, it tugged at my heart strings and I been in love with it ever since.


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