Shaggy and Kat DeLuna Shake Up ‘Leno’ [Video]

Shaggy and Kat DeLuna

Shaggy provided the reggae rhythms and Kat DeLuna hypnotized with her hips on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” The duo teamed up for a sizzling performance of “Dame,” a Latin-flavored cut off Shaggy’s latest album Summer in Kingston. Whine up with Mr. Boombastic.


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  1. Roseco

    Jamaica wi seh!!!
    seeet dehh!!!

    Lovin this track right here
    love Kat De Luna’s voice :D


    Dizzle Reply:

    @Roseco, He reminds me of pitbull in this performance ahah love shaggy!


  2. Shonna

    I saw Kat Deluna performance last night. She was amazing! She’s a true talent!


  3. Karlena

    Kat Deluna killed it! OMG! Great voice! Her hips truly don’t lie.


  4. Michelle

    Kat body looked amazing too! This is a smash! Kat Deluna really brought an amazing flava to the track.


  5. Cici

    Great job! It’s time for Kat Deluna to take off the pop charts. She looked amazing! One of best pop female artist right now… Amazing performer and great voice.


  6. christina

    Mr Bombastic! Job well done! Kat Deluna did a great job.


  7. Devonne

    Shaggy and Kat DeLuna were really great!


  8. Jenny

    I hate spanish chics! but i fuck with Kat Deluna. she’s dope!


    From Tokyo Reply:

    @Jenny, She’s not Spanish, idiot racist. smh


  9. felix



  10. elmas

    kat deluna ..dropm ıt lowww…..<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


  11. john Schimers

    what this recorded during the 90′s?


  12. Winter

    Awesome performance!!!
    Kat Deluna is hot! and actually can sing and has talent
    I love Kat Deluna!! <3


  13. QueenDiva

    Ok….really.I dont see anything different about her.#realtalk


  14. IAmWhoIam

    Watch the hip movement people! Caribbean Connection! DR meets Jamaica. This is how we do it in the tropics. Great sounds. Kat Deluna can dance her ass off.


  15. ed

    great performance… loved it


  16. nicegirl

    Nice performance. They sounded really good together.


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