New Music: Chris Brown f/ K-Mac – ‘Mona Lisa’

Kevin McCall and Chris Brown

Chris Brown pulls back the cover on his latest work of art. Breezy teams with frequent collaborator Kevin McCall aka K-Mac for “Mona Lisa,” a new track released via Twitter. “Get your ass up on that pole/ Get this money in my hand/ All this money drippin’ on you like paint, you’re my Mona Lisa,” sings Chris on the strip club anthem, which features rhymes from both artists. Bust it open.

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  1. A Realist

    Its aiight. Need a few more listens.


  2. nicegirl

    It’s ok. I know he can do better!


  3. SB

    the next michael jackson?? LMFAO he always talk about bitches, niggaz & strippers… regular RnB artist


  4. do better than this

    crap crap crap …….crap


  5. MER



  6. :o



  7. ceddiecedd

    this is not music..where is r.kelly,maxwell, music is so bad ..


  8. Q

    OK…CB better not give us average music on fortune,those leaked songs look like a good idea right now.


  9. Jason

    I hope “fortune” doesn’t have songs like this..I mean it’s aiight but u know I want it bettter….Like better than F.A.M.E (F.A.M.E was dope btw!!) I know strip will be in it and that song’s dope


    Trac-E Reply:

    @Jason, Yeah I agree.. But I hope this isn’t on Fortune… I hope they just did this for fun…


  10. Nick

    Yikes, this is one for the birds.


  11. KayKay

    K-Mac lol annoys the shit outts me mayn.


  12. Mike

    Chris Brown said he wasn’t doing any interviews in 2012 he should also stop making music in 2012 b/c this is sme Bull!!


  13. whoyougonnacheckboo

    chris brown is the next bobby brown watch


  14. Frank

    kmac need to refrain from biting drake


  15. toast2themosthigh

    what is this ni**a’s obsession with strippers all of sudden?…shouldnt have hit rihanna…wouldnt have to worry bout srippers!…lol


  16. Stre3t Danc@

    I’m feeling this!! Love it!


  17. JHP

    I want to hear more songs like “The Open Road”, “Dueces”, and “Up To You” from CB. This song is just annoying, I hate when he does songs like this. His rap songs can be good sometimes like “Look At Me Now” but this sh*t right here is just dumb


  18. commanderofthedancefloor

    ummm hell no. this better be a side project because if crap like this is one fortune i will not buy it!!!! i like strip, and the leaked songs and that is what he needs to stick to please no more songs about strippers or money! he wants to be like mj so he needs to show more depth in his music


    hih8er Reply:

    @commanderofthedancefloor, he could never be Michael Jackson even if he wanted to.


    commanderofthedancefloor Reply:

    @hih8er, there will never be another michael but that is what he is aiming for and if he even wants a chance of beeing a quarter of what michael was then he needs some depth to his music


  19. romeo

    did he say it gonna be in fortune,no he did’nt so people what’s your problem i wanna listen don’t wake me up


  20. Aw Man

    Damn, some of you are really getting your blood pressures up over one song! And wh’s to say it’s going to be on his up and coming album. And to compare him to Bobby Brown is wrong! Two different people and Chris is way more talented than Bobby Brown! Some of you are just haters, that will hate on CB whatever he does!


    summer Reply:

    @Aw Man, I so agree with you all this hate over one song and who is to say rather or not it’s going to be on his album. And I wish people would stop saying he is trying to be like MJ…he is a big fan and always will be…big difference! I’m sure some of these comments are not even from fans!


  21. claire

    I would listen to this tune all the time, because god knows i love that boy Cb. He’s worth my torment and sleepless nights. Lucky me i got him on my cd, so i can listen to his new fortune songs, somebody tell me i am dreaming.


  22. Masego

    CB has lost his touch! Its a pity coz I really used 2 like him. Tsk tsk…


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