Video: Cher Lloyd f/ Astro – ‘Want U Back’

Cher Lloyd

British “X Factor” contestant Cher Lloyd links with her U.S. “X Factor” counterpart Astro aka The Astronomical Kid in the video for “Want U Back,” the third single from her U.K. debut Sticks + Stones. A pouty Cher flips through photos as she recalls fond memories with her ex-boyfriend, who has moved on to another girl. But now that she’s out of the picture, she wants back in. Watch her jealousy get the best of her.

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  1. kels

    so happy for astro, he deserves this


  2. AEROL

    this song is dumb


  3. Dexlovesrih!

    I love this song!


  4. @Lewis_Bennett

    LOVE this song and her album, hope it does well in the US :)


  5. Shade


  6. Lauryn

    Astro = What An Ugly-ass Kid. And His Clearly Wearing Make-up All Over His Damn Face!!!
    Cher = You Ain’t Shit Boo, Your Music Isn’t Shit & It’s Sounds Waaack As F*ck.


    Chris Reply:

    @Lauryn, erm… and you are ? oh yeah that’s rite a nobody with no album or music videos..


    topshelf Reply:

    @Lauryn, Hating on the kid already? He must be doing something right.


    super Tues starz Reply:

    @Lauryn, Go back to School and learn how to say nice thing UIDB!!!


    jasoldier Reply:

    YO give the kid time to grow as an artist
    but cher loyed or wot ever her name is neeedz the biggested BOX ever she is the SHITEST person ever and needz to low her life the only reason she is famous is becouse cheyl chole liked the fact she has the same name now before ppl start sayin ama hater watch the xfacter were shes at judges houses and tell me she deserves it


  7. lyfechanges

    aw Astro got a feature already…thats whats up


  8. super Tues starz

    astro keep doin yr thing Kid. btw 4 sure ppl would like dis song.


  9. carlosbonegro

    astro is sick and destined for greatness
    his clothes in this video is awful though
    and cher lloyd is shit end of and people need to stop calling her a rapper cause shes not DEAD THAT


  10. blue



    haters gonna hate


  11. Triniti

    Am I the only one who sees how Cheryl Cole has turned Cher Lloyd into her mini-me? Goodness gracious.

    As for Astro…ehh.

    Song is….a guilty pleasure, in each and every sense of the phrase.


    Natalie Reply:

    She Def Looks Like A Mini Cheryl Cole.!!!


  12. nicegirl

    Not my type of songs, I guess other people would like it. Astro’s verse is great.


  13. Thestylisto

    i swear i am the only big cher lloyd fan out there. loved the vid so much and definitely didn’t need to see it to like the song cause her album is amazing w/ out the vid aide. #TEAMUK


  14. chris

    cher is good n is goin somewhere but astro is a clown n piece of chichen sh**


  15. Woz

    Its irrelevent what people think if she puts out records that sell she has a place in music. She has done better than anyone commenting here as she is the one who we are commenting on and we are the commenters. Simple.


  16. chris

    stop hating on astro kid he’s only 14 really good for that age, better than soulja boy, hurricane chris and the other lame ass rappers


  17. Pete

    She is awful, sorry.


  18. luisa fernanda tello

    biien´ maxiiimo iiiincreible


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