Lil Wayne Touches Down in Second ‘Sports Corner’ Webisodes

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne charges into 2012 with his first “Sports Corner” of the year. After missing the first weekend due to the New Year’s holiday, the sports enthusiast returns with eight brand new episodes of his online sports series. Wearing a T-Shirt from his new Trukfit clothing line, he discusses the NBA, NFL, college sports, and skateboarding. His guest for this week is one of his favorite players, San Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith. Touch down with Weezy.

[Derick G.]

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  1. Kawame C. Curry

    Really? Who the hell cares?


    Kendall Reply:

    @Kawame C. Curry, You must. That’s why you left a comment. Idiot.


    Kawame C. Curry Reply:

    @Kendall, Shut up bitch!(simple)


  2. Lauryn



  3. Rap*

    upside down cross……..illuminati

    fuck u wayne


  4. carlosbonegro

    the fact that his listening to Mellowhype makes me fuckin smile


  5. Mitchell S Jackson

    Wayne look like his breath stink


  6. nicegirl

    Boring. Just focus on the music Wayne!


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