Rick Ross Teams Up with Timbaland, Receives a Call from Dr. Dre

Rick Ross and Timbaland

Rick Ross is not playing around. Fresh off the release of his star-studded mixtape Rich Forever, the Teflon Don turned his attention back to his fifth album God Forgives, I Don’t.

Over the weekend, the Miami MC hit the lab with super-producer Timbaland, who provided him with some of his signature beats. “In studio w/ Timbaland.get’n priceless music x advice,” tweeted Rozay.

Timbo is not the only music maestro connecting with the Bawse. He also received a call from Jay-Z and his idol Dr. Dre following the release of his tape. “Just spoke to my biggest musical influence for the 1st time,” wrote Rozay. “Dr. Dre just changed my life with a phone call.”

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  1. thuglife

    I lost major rspect for dre working with a former COP SMFH


    Gstar Reply:

    @thuglife, STFU with that cop BS. The man makes good music.


    Kawame C. Curry Reply:

    @Gstar, I tend to agree with @thuglife, this guy was a former CO, and he is on records rapping about a life he never lived. Worse thing he’s ever done was drive with a suspended license before he got famous.


    Frank Reply:

    @Kawame C. Curry, 2pac was a ballerina.


    WatchTheThrone Reply:

    @Kawame C. Curry, being a correctional officer does not mean he has no flow. it doesn’t mean he has no lyricism. it doesn’t mean he has never committed crime. it doesn’t mean he has no talent. it means absolutely nothing, you people focusing on this cop bs are sad.


    Aimanos Reply:

    @WatchTheThrone, No, Officer Ricky loves to rap about all the crime he does, and how she shoots people up, sells coke off an Iphone (which you would get caught if you did) ect ect ect…. IF he rapped about real things he done in his life then people wouldnt put him down so much.


    XO till we overdose Reply:

    @Aimanos, i agree and i do prefer ross’ songs when he’s not talking about crime. but people are just hiding behind this fact as a way to diss him. and i’m sure that being a CO does NOT stop people from selling coke.
    matter of fact i’m thankful for COs they keep us alive.


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  3. Lisa

    Good for him. My expectations for this album have just rose a little… I hope he will collab with Hov, liked that Free Mason track on Teflon Don!


  4. Breezy

    lol timbaland, i bet his butt buddy Danja is there with him to help make his beat


    GG Reply:

    @Breezy, with that name and avatar it’s just too easy….


    Breezy Reply:

    @GG, your comment makes no sense


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  7. F_CK IT

    If he goes back to his drum heavy AALYAH style, it would be cool.


    Lisa Reply:

    @F_CK IT, I hear you on that one!


    Breezy Reply:

    @F_CK IT, danja helped with that


  8. Breezy

    Scott Storch >> Timbolame


  9. saint

    he better get some advices how to loose weight from timbo -_-


  10. nicegirl

    Cool, especially if Jay features on the track. The mixtape was really good.


  11. pleasure boy

    dre shot himself in the foot with this move


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