Brandy Finds Love, Reaches Out to Kim Kardashian, and Talks New Album


Brandy was in the hot seat on Wendy Williams’ talk show. The singer-actress, who stars in the BET sitcom “The Game,” was candid about her personal and professional life, discussing everything from her new boyfriend and Kim Kardashian to her rapping alter ego Bran’Nu and new album.

On her daughter Sy’rai’s obsession with Justin Bieber: “She has Bieber fever like every other nine-year-old.”

On the new man in her life, music publishing executive Ryan Press: “I am… finally!” said Brandy when asked if she was in love.

On mending her relationship with Kim Kardashian, who stars alongside her in Tyler Perry’s The Marriage Counselor: “I never saw Kim because we didn’t have any scenes together, not because I cleared the way for her not to be around me. Honestly I can just take this moment and say that I really miss my friendship with Kim, I really do. I can’t wait to see her at the premiere and try to say something to her, tell her I love her and I’m here whenever she needs me.”

On her new album, due in May on RCA/Chameleon Records: “It’s a singing album. I’m singing my heart out,” said Brandy, who promised there will be no rapping this time. “It was a hobby. I was convinced to do it professionally, which I never should have listened to that advice.”

She was later joined by her castmates from “The Game.” Watch the full interview below.

[The Brandy Blog]

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  1. sabrina

    Brandy that was fake. You know you don’t like Kim.


    Pucci Reply:

    @sabrina, just becasue your ass doesnt know the meaning of common courtesy, doesnt mean you have to raine Brandy’s parade. She was being nice, maybe you should try it.


    Trillafood Reply:

    @sabrina, Kim & brandy used to be real good friends. Kim was also brandy’s stylist at a time. Brandy sounded very sincere when she said she miss her. I don’t know what you talking about.


    Lisa Reply:

    @sabrina, How the hell do you know what she likes or dont like, you people are mental.


  2. Boy Wonder

    Still one of my favorite artists, but she became so Hollywood somewhere along the way. I miss 90s Brandy.


  3. BrandyNMonicaStan

    @Sabrina STFU Love you Brandy!!! #TEAMVOCALBIBLE #TEAMSTARZ


  4. Setitstraighter

    YES brandy keep it coming..


  5. BLAZE

    It was a great interview an I love her an the rappin is good to me.Don’t think she should befriend Kim again she is goin down the drain fast.Can’t wait to hear the new single an album


  6. NikkiIsChillin

    I’m happy for all of Brandy’s success. Brandy you are starting this new year right!


  7. Kyle

    I honestly don’t care about anything Brandy does besides her MUSIC. That’s why I love her so blah, blah, blah to that Kim Kardashian drama B.S. I’m so happy that she took the advice to not rap on this album and just sing her heart out. Not saying her rapping was terrible, but we all know what her strengths are and it’s clearly that VOICE. I hope the album drops in May as planning *fingers crossed*


  8. nicegirl

    Can’t wait till the album.


  9. Jay

    I’m so glad The Game is back AND Brandy is on it!!! I’m so pumped for her right now. Movie, TV show and new album! Yeah! Can’t wait for them to drop the single!!! :)


  10. Lisa

    Why would she want to be friends with Kim Kardashian, though? It’s better not to associate yourself with that type of people, when you want to be taken seriously.


  11. BOSS

    Brandy is gearing to make a huge comeback!


  12. listen

    shots fired at timbo! haha


  13. Jay1

    Brandy on the game, Tosha and melleny better bring their A game. Looking forward to watching. Brans been single for so long, hope this relationship works out for her.


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