Rihanna Busts Out the Big Guns on Set of ‘Battleship’


Rihanna may be one tough chick, but she picked up some new moves while filming her first dramatic big screen role in Universal Pictures’ Battleship. The singer-actress plays Navy weapons officer Raikes in the $200 million live-action movie.

“She’s not afraid of anything. She loves weapons, she knows them, and not only her weapon, but every other weapon on the ship,” said RiRi of Raikes.

She learned the ropes from a real life Navy specialist named Jacqueline Carrizosa. “I watched her and I really just lived and breathed in her mindset and tried to really get in her character,” said the pop star. “She’s fearless and she’s one of the boys. It was really fun to just explore that.”

The Peter Berg-directed film co-starring Liam Neeson, Alexander Skarsgard, and Taylor Kitsch arrives in theaters on May 18. Go behind the scenes below.

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  1. Yeah



  2. Yeah

    lol SLAY!


  3. bubble



  4. CBLover

    YUSSSSS! Can’t wait :D


  5. :o

    this movie sucks


  6. Johnathan

    Rihanna playing a Navy Officer? Really? Next it’ll be Nicki playing some agent who works for the CIA. That role clearly does not work in Rihanna’s favor.


    :) Reply:

    @Johnathan, lol


    ri Reply:

    @Johnathan, I’m not sure yet but I might agree with you


    Jo Reply:

    @Johnathan, Actually “playing a Navy Officer” works in Rihanna’s favor! #RihannaNavy


  7. Dizzle

    WOW who’s in charge?? Rihanna is!! lol she killim em!!


  8. RAH RAH

    “who’s in charge?… WHO’S IN CHARGE?” lol, love it! cant wait


  9. SlappinHoesSince89

    this hoe aint nobody’s actress lmao!!!


  10. Valerie

    LOL. I can’t wait to see this movie!


  11. KillBill

    Is it me, it seems like ROCNATION is about SLAY 2012


    I hate idiots. I love Bey. Reply:

    @KillBill, lol yes with baby Blue leading the way.


    KillBill Reply:

    @I hate idiots. I love Bey., Bey returning, Jay returning, jCole returning, Kanye returning, Rihanna ain’t finished yeahhhh


  12. Prettiedove

    Yasssss that’s the reigning Queen of pop doing her thang. Rihanna stays winning while hoes stay Maaaad. Fucken #Kii.
    Can’t wait to watch this movie,Le Queen is gonna kill ittt. Shez talking over the movies like shez doing wid music. I caaant wid this slayage!


  13. nicegirl

    Will have to see how this movie turns out.


  14. dia

    can’t wait 4 battleship


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  16. Audrey Hepburn

    “Yep, Yah Know Dis.” lol :)


  17. Hugh

    Amazing shes released 2 albums since doing the movie


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  19. Ray

    Acting chops aye


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