Video: Mike Posner – ‘Looks Like Sex’

Mike Posner

Mike Posner lives out a male fantasy in the tantalizing video for “Looks Like Sex,” the lead single from his sophomore album Sky High. The Detroit singer revels in the female eye candy in the slick visuals, which rivals a hip-hop video with its showcase of the booty and girl-on-girl action. Serve up some sex on a platter.

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  1. kris_smith87

    Great! Excited for the album.



    Nice joint…


  3. XO till we overdose

    mike posner sounds like sex.


  4. Ice

    DOPE song and video, Mike is taking things to another level.


  5. nicegirl

    Pretty good. His voice is kinda annoying though.


  6. LaMont

    DAMN! He has some really sexy females in this video! The best video I’ve seen thus far this


  7. me

    It’s a shame that his unreleased/mixtape stuff is way better than his official singles/music.


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