Beyoncé and Baby Make Covert Exit From Hospital


And just like that, she was gone. After giving birth over the weekend at a New York hospital, Beyoncé and her newborn made a quick exit in the middle of the night without a single photographer snapping a photo of them.

The 30-year-old singer quietly checked out of Lenox Hill Hospital after delivering her daughter Blue Ivy Carter on Saturday night.

According to the New York Daily News, a procession of vehicles with blacked-out windows carrying the famous couple and their child departed from the hospital’s side gate in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The operation was performed smoothly and swiftly so that no paparazzi could capture a photo of the family.

Two black SUVs left the hospital’s loading dock at 1:30 a.m. Soon after, a van parked on a nearby corner backed into the same loading dock before the gate closed, reopening minutes later. The vehicle drove out and headed north on Park Ave.

One of the two SUVs blocked traffic so the van would not be stopped. The second SUV pulled in behind the van to prevent anyone from following the Carters as they returned home with their baby.

“Immediately, security personnel began leaving the hospital,” said one witness, describing the exit as “very precise, very military-like.”

Beyoncé checked into the hospital on Friday night using the alias Ingrid Jackson. Blue Ivy was reportedly born in an executive suite on the sixth floor, near the neonatal intensive-care unit.

The hospital shot down rumors that Beyoncé and Jay-Z paid to close off the entire maternity wing. “The suggestion that the couple paid $1.3 million to rent an entire maternity floor is simply not true,” said Lenox Hill Hospital Executive Director Frank Danza.

Photo credit: Vic Nicastro/New York Daily News

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  1. junior seven



    Seriously Reply:

    @junior seven, u value that baby life of others, sad…stay pressed


  2. nahomi

    sounds like an covert mission


  3. dexlovesrih



  4. Dawnexperience

    Talk about excessive coverage.


  5. Hmmm

    I really do think that baby is some kind of unseen demon creature that hasn’t learn to look human yet


    Hali Reply:

    @Hmmm, That is beyond disrespectful to say…to anyone.


    Hmmm Reply:

    @Hali, Sorry


    :o Reply:

    @Hmmm, Stop looking in the mirror!


    Hmmm Reply:

    @:o, Sorry, I’m stoned and my thoughts led me to that conclusion


    Anthony Reply:

    @Hmmm, LMAO


    Jay Reply:

    @Hmmm, You had to be stoned to say that. you better hope Jay-Z don’t come looking for you.


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  7. Josh

    Love her, Happy she had a healthy baby girl. I wish her the best


  8. MeloRockstarr

    Is all this really needed I understand a van following them home to keep them safe but all the other stuff is just too much but then again i can see why but still…


  9. kiwi

    They think way to mighty of themselves cause this is just crazy. It’s not a mission it’s a freakin baby. They lost so much respect from me.


  10. Bee

    damn this is unnecesary…


  11. _GetLifted

    jtfo Ingrid Jackson icant


  12. Super Tues

    wow. she sign under a different name


  13. killuminati general

    demons and witches!!! that baby is a devils child


    Facepalm Reply:

    @killuminati general, please for the sake of everything holy stay off the blogs.

    God Bless.


    LaughOutLoud Reply:

    @killuminati general, -.- if ur gonna be a so called “Killuminati General” at least know about what ur against


  14. Surrogate

    I think she had a Surrogate have the baby instead. Because I have not seen any evident of her actual having a pregnant stomach. But if you can find a picture of her bell showing in a two piece Swim suit then you can change my mind. But I can see why she would need all the security, but you never know she may have not of been in there. But hey, first time Mom’s are sometime very protective of there young. And I wish her the Best with many joyful smiles.


    I hate idiots Reply:

    @Surrogate, all you have to do is Google Beyoncé bikini pregnant and there is your “proof”


  15. bubble

    Y is everyone so worried about if she had someone else have the baby for her or not y does she need to prove anything to anybody.


    supe tues Reply:

    @bubble, @ least beyonce had a Beautiful heath baby Girl

    [Reply] Reply:


    I’m going to get yelled at for this, but I think people feel like they own Beyonce in a way…because they paid for her to be there.

    Now don’t be mad, just here me out…Beyonce and Jay-Z, and other artists are this important because of the money that their fans pay to see them perform.

    Unfortunately (for famous people), when they want to have real lives (like having babies), most people agree that “the show must go on,” and they want to see a show. I’m not saying it’s right, but it’s something that B and J probably should’ve considered before working toward being famous.

    Beyonce couldn’t opted out to be a coffee house singer…but she wanted more…it’s obvious that she could have anything she wants…but she chose massive fame…
    …J could’ve chose to rap for a cause like talkin’ to young boys on a smaller level, but like his counterpart, he wanted more.

    I’m not sayin their choice is bad, but they’re definitely naive if they think they’re gonna hold up this “private” stuff for much longer…look at the press! It was easier before because they were both workin’ their ways to the top, but now they’re here? Psht. It’s gon take a court order for the media not to get all in they pyoub’s!


  16. nicegirl

    Happy for her. If people would leave her alone and stop stalking her and saying bad things, then she would not need this level of security. And I doubt she paid 1.3 million dollars for a whole floor. That’s just lies and rumors that she always has to deal with.


  17. killuminati general

    they wanted privacy so they paid 1,5mil.. they wanted to perform their illuminati free mason rituils on the lil kid… turnin it into a young demon!!!! lil baphomet!


  18. gloryBeToGod

    General the way u speak you’d swear u the king of illumination, u know practically everything about it and I am pretty sure that u wish u had what the Carters have, so u spreading these stupid lies about them. Just leave them alone. I hope the good Lord have mercy on u for being such a liar and judgmental.


  19. UUJ



    KillBill92 Reply:

    @UUJ, The way you worded your sentence makes you seem very young.





  21. Michelle

    Now Bey makes money from entertaining (not her voice) i can’t see her allowing her body/product/brand being pg for 9 months. Not once has she in all this so called happiness and joy,, physically shown off her belly,, there has been sooooo many pics of her not looking pg at all and the fake belly during an interview really did it… why fake it,, how shallow are u really??!! i’m so not a fan or hater,, just love the truth,, and she is not the truth,,


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