Brandy Shares Excitement for Beyoncé and Jay-Z on ‘Showbiz Tonight’

Brandy and A.J. Hammer

The entertainment media has been consumed by the arrival of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s daughter. During a sit-down with A.J. Hammer on HLN’s “Showbiz Tonight,” even Brandy was bubbling with excitement for the new parents. The star of BET’s “The Game” shared her thoughts on the newborn’s name, Jay-Z’s emotional song, and offered advice to her fellow mom.

On the baby’s name, Blue Ivy Carter: “I think the name is gorgeous. It totally fits. I love it and I’m so happy for Beyoncé and Jay. They’re actually one of my favorite couples and both inspirations.”

On “Glory,” the song Jay recorded for his new daughter: “It’s a great song and to hear little Blue at the end, it was sooo beautiful, breathtaking actually.”

On her advice to Beyoncé: “I just think she needs to appreciate her baby right now and not worry about [losing the pregnancy weight]. Just enjoy it. … This is her first child. I would take the time and just be with my family and be with my newborn and chill out. That’s what I would do. But you know B, she’s a workaholic and she loves what she does. You have to respect her for that.”

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  1. Geoff

    Totally bullshit answer on Beyonce.


  2. Setitstraighter

    I Really Love this CHick..


  3. Trenelle

    She spends all her interviews talking about someone else. So weird . Wendy it was her plea to Kim kardashian. However she can sing.


    Pucci Reply:

    @Trenelle, This inteveiw I can understand but what could she do, its all the interviewer wanted to talk about. As for her plea to Kim, it was only for a second but most of her interview with Wendy was talking about her new projects & herself.

    Is it really that hard for ppl to understand that Brandy is being nice simply becasue she wants to be. smh


  4. BLAZE

    I so love Brandy be on the look out for her new single coming soon an please support The Game airing tonight on BET.


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  6. ashgino

    man, deep down inside it must be difficult for rnb artists to play nice and respectable towards Beyonce all the time, considering how competitive chicks are…but I guess officialy Beyonce is her own competition, so then again it’s just inspiring to discuss her.


  7. Alana

    What was she wearing Brandys Game promo run outfit. Get the look


  8. OOL UH UH

    I HAAAAATED THIS INTERVIEW. Brandy was making millions before Beyonce was “No No No-ing” and this punk used all of her time talking about that damn baby. Sheesh. I mean, really……


    KillBill Reply:

    @OOL UH UH, Keyword, she WAS. Now Beyonce has taking her fame to new height in which Brandy has yet to reach.


    SumthinLikeFire Reply:


    With all that said, Brandy has STILL accomplished more than many singers has. Don’t downplay her success.


  9. money

    One word ASHANTI!!!!


  10. nicegirl

    Uuummm…seemed a bit wierd that 5/6 of this interview was about Bey and her baby, and only 1/6 was about Brandy. I like both ladies, but can the interviewer please ask questions about Brandy and maybe just two short questions about Bey.


  11. tee-tee

    translation pls!!!
    1.) baby’s name: hopefully the baby looks like her mom. hate to hv an ugly name n look like J too smfh
    2.) glory song: that shyt was regular. n how the fuk we know thats was their real baby on there?
    3.)Advice to Beyonce: Yo ma’ sit the fuk down and let other artists hv a shot at da limelight


  12. ri

    well that was disrespectful hi brandy glad to have you here today now lets talk about beyonce lol he’s an ass


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