Janet Jackson Visits ‘The Tonight Show’ [Video]

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson was looking fit and fabulous during her appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” The Nutrisystem spokeswoman sat down to discuss the weight loss program, hating her smile (“I felt like the Joker ’cause my smile is so broad”), why she wrote her self-help book True You, and what she thinks about her niece Paris pursuing a career in Hollywood.

The 45-year-old superstar also reminisced about crying on cue during her “Good Times” audition and shooting the iconic cover of her 1993 album janet. Plus, she and her trainer taught Jay some new exercise routines.


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  1. jayJAy

    yeahhhhhhhhhhh ima the firsttttttttt to commenttttttt

    Ps. luv u Janet she lost mad wight thooo………..


  2. Kawame C. Curry

    She looks a hot mess! Gimme the 1993 Janet, then we can talk.


    Damon Reply:

    @Kawame C. Curry, ya momma looks a hot mess and ya momma doesn’t look like that either.


    Triniti Reply:

    @Kawame C. Curry, Your grammar skills are a fine example of “a hot mess.”


  3. phucku

    I love this woman


    Weber from Brazil Reply:

    @phucku, I love her too
    I’m so proud of her <3


  4. Mimi

    When is she finally realeasing a new album???


  5. Damon

    Janet looks amazing!!


  6. Will

    Janet is aging very well she looks incredible


  7. chris

    jay leno is gonna need a lot more exercise than that.


  8. ashgino

    jay leno was challenging Janet.


  9. ashgino

    she looks so much better with longer hair


  10. rob

    omg she looks amazing


  11. Audrey Hepburn

    She is the EPITOME of talent, beauty, & hard work. The best. Janet. MYM XOXO :)


  12. TIM

    I love you Janet, Love the new hair styles your rockin


  13. aaliyah

    Look at that ass! Nice


  14. nicegirl

    She looks amazing. Love the way she speaks…classy.


  15. Sean

    She looks so beautiful here. Those damn cheeks and that smile get me every time!! UGh So freakin adorable!


  16. Hugh

    Jay leno is a douch


  17. janfan86

    She looks fabulous and I’m so happy for her :)


  18. Cool

    I love that Jay loves Janet so much. He treats her like royalty, as she is. Jay brings out something in Janet that a great deal of people don’t see and that is, she funny and extremely laid-back. She is professional but approachable and a serious class act and always has been. I love that she doing exactly what she needs to do and that is inspiring people once again. In the 80′s and 90′s she was on everyone’s nose with her beauty, body and the hottest songs and dance moves. Little girls from all walks of life, where hitting the gym and trying to get those abs. Everyone wanted the new Janet look or dance like Janet and her kids. In later years, she didn’t fall off but her fans weren’t responsing to her like they did in the past. Like most artist Janet was on her game but the music scene changed a bit. Artist of Janet’s star don’t lose their shine but other artist come along and shine a bit brighter. Janet hung in there with the best of them but the fickle fans wanted another Control or Rhythm Nation but an update version of that. Janet got hemmed up and somehow lost her swagger because now it got jacked but not recognized. Here we are in 2012 and Janet is back on track with Nutri-system and looking amazing and sounding so positive. She is one blessed human being because she isn’t just beautiful and talented but humble, kind and just a sweet girl. I can only wish her more success in the years to come.


  19. Sean

    Weird hairstyle but she rocks it! Looks like she’s having fun and has lost even more weight since the Nutrasystem commercials were filmed. Cannot wait for new music from her! Whenever that happens…


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