Kanye West Balls at Balmain in Paris

Kanye West

Kanye West got some new inspiration for next season’s collection while shopping in the fashion capital of the world. The designer and fashion aficionado, who announced his new creative company DONDA last week, trekked through Paris on foot with his crew, checking out the upscale boutiques including Balmain. Yeezy ducked from the paparazzi’s cameras in a black hoodie as he navigated the busy streets in his Air Yeezys.

Kanye West Kanye West Kanye West

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  1. DRB

    I still can’t get over him replacing his teeth with diamonds.


    true love Reply:

    @DRB, He is the product of the hood. I just hope that be careful. Someone will KILL him for those diamonds in his mouth.


  2. Streets

    Niggas in paris


  3. UK_KushandWisdom

    i can see that he really is taken this fashion line very serious and im proud


    OOL UH UH Reply:

    @UK_KushandWisdom, Oh, by stealing design ideas from other designers?


    Not Needed Reply:

    @OOL UH UH, who did he copy exactly


  4. Winston Churchill

    Take Care


  5. anonymous

    What shoes does he have on?



    @anonymous, air yeezy


    yourboycelebrity Reply:

    Air Yeezy 2


  6. anonymous

    what pants does he have on?


    uhuh Reply:

    @anonymous, balmain dark denim. its at least 1000 dollars


  7. nicegirl

    His fashion line may be good if he gets inspiration from other designers.


  8. DZogani

    Ovak Kanye West je ruzan ko nas DZOGANI


    ss Reply:

    @DZogani, a ti si vj cigan ko tvoj djogani haha


  9. Hugh

    Kanye face look swole!


  10. poisonivy

    @DRB,some people just don`t know what to do with they`r money…lol


  11. kani k.

    that white boy is Dada; he’s Lady Gaga’s ex-creative-director.


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