Teairra Mari Records ‘Sexy’ Album with Rico Love [Video]

Teairra Mari

Teairra Mari takes us into the studio as she begins recording her sophomore album with Rico Love. The R&B singer, who is signed to Love’s Division1 label, laid down vocals for the first single “U Did Dat” with Love and producer D-Town.

“It’s absolutely amazing the chemistry that Rico and I share. I couldn’t ask for another partner in crime,” explained the “Love & Hip-Hop” star.

“There are a lot of talented songwriters out there, but for me, my chemistry is with Rico and I haven’t had a chemistry like this with anybody else. Everybody has their match and I think Rico is definitely my musical match.”

Teairra explores her womanhood on the new album. “The direction has gotta be sexy,” she said. “I’m a woman comfortable in my shoes and I like to be in love, and when I’m in love, I like to have sex, lots and lots of it.”

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  1. Thisisreallynotcool

    Can’t believe rihanna and she were both signed by jay at the same time. Wat happened? Guess she was having lots of sex


    Kawame C. Curry Reply:

    @Thisisreallynotcool, She just didnt have it. She cant sing at all.


    Chiare Reply:

    @Kawame C. Curry, Ur fuckin crazy she has real talent, and she can rly sing like way better than Rihanna .


    meme Reply:

    @Thisisreallynotcool, She sings circles around rihanna but she don’t have the “it” that rihanna has. Rihanna has everything.


    d Reply:

    @Thisisreallynotcool, na i think riahnna was having the sex. hence she’s still around.

    lol @ she can’t sing. and rihanna can. lmao


  2. heynow



  3. Audrey Hepburn

    Sounds like Motivation Pt. 2… She should try something new – like leaving the ‘sexy route’ alone.


    Lisa Reply:

    @Audrey Hepburn, I agree. Though I think U Did Dat sounds dope, it’s obvious it was either inspired by or a weak attempt at re-creating Motivation.


  4. Tionne

    I love teairra but damn bitch you and rihanna was at the same level and look what happened, you couldve been up there where she at.. I kinda like “u did that” but its not the shit like she needs to step it up because she actually has good vocals its just connecting with as many fans as possible is what she need to be doin.. and get off love and hip hop that is not a good look at all, niggas thinking you a hoodrat and some more ish


  5. tay

    one day, her and rico are going to rule! =]


  6. Super Tues

    wish that she did came out with a second Album @ 19 yr old but Right here is da good song!


  7. Carl

    I’m reallly excited about her album, I love her voice and I hope everything works out for her.


  8. tay

    2012 is #teamteairra’s


  9. V

    she will SLAY. #TeamTeairra


  10. T



  11. Quita

    Teairra is Teairra and Rihanna is Rihanna. People need to stop comparing them because they both have different voices and styles of signing. I live teairras voice and I think she a great singer. I’m excited and can’t wait til her new album drops.


    Roc Me Out Reply:

    @Quita, I don’t think they are comparing their voices and talent, they’re speaking on how both of them was on the same label and damn near the same age and rihanna went up and she went down.. I fully support my girl teairra tho since make her feel good


  12. unknown.

    I remember when this chick was on the same page as Rihanna, and now look… Rihanna is on top of the world right now, HUGE WorldWide Super Star and this chick is trying to see how she can make it up to be a “somebody” in the music industry.


  13. Oh Please

    I don’t give a damn…this is my damn song! and i can;’t wait for the album..sexy or not. Not to mention shit sounds fire in the whip…bass like wow!


  14. @InfamousSirius

    i dont know if its just me, but i dont think this song sounds anything like motivation & also, u cant take someone out of their mentality. Teairra is a sexy young girl who is comfortable in her skin & with her sexuality so if she wants to make sexy songs then thats her business! If she were to try to sing soul, it really wouldnt suit her


  15. MusiqLover

    can’t wait. everything this girl does is good. such smooth vocals, very different from other talent out there right now.


  16. nicegirl

    Nice voice. I like the song, so i’m just waiting to see what her next single sounds like.


  17. joe franco



  18. @syncer3

    Love T she be having me rolling on love and hip hop!!! cant wait 4 da album!!!!


  19. Team Sugar&Spice

    I freakin love her! Her Point of No Return mixtape won me over. If you don’t love her, you have to respect this womans hustle.


  20. CHILE BOO!

    the bitch can SANG! but she want go no where, Sit.


  21. Mz. Spicy

    I love her but she has delayed her 2nd album for too long n its overdue. “u did that” ia aight but she sould sing from her pain her victoires n not sexy cuz thats not gunna get her anywhere. Like her mixtape The last X mas was the shit n i was expectin her album like that n she’s goin the wrong route #i give up lol


  22. anonymous

    right now Teairra is on the same Level as a lot of female artists “trying to find a way back into the spotlight” but I think Rico will be a good support system for that..


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