Video: Tyga – ‘Rack City’

Chyna and Tyga

Tyga leaps into action in the Grand Theft Auto-inspired video for “Rack City,” the ubiquitous single off his forthcoming Young Money release Careless World: Rise of the Last King. The 22-year-old rapper stars alongside a cast of characters including Krazy Klinko, Mr. Rose, and his love interest Blac Chyna. Watch the explosive conclusion to the storyline-driven clip.

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  1. draya

    love this song!!!!! love tyga with miss chyna


    StarsAreBlind Reply:

    @draya, Yes, the beginning is everything, and so is the end. The middle part was ok, but overall it was pretty fucking awesome. Shout out to Grand Theft Auto.


  2. ashgino

    he gotta a big ole nose, he look kinda weak trying to run


  3. Dead

    The song was hot already and the vid made it Hotter!

    Dope,to whoever directed the video.


  4. asasasa

    Where is music headed…


  5. Lauryn

    The Chick Looks Like A Dude In That Pic. Tyga needs stop with those clothes man. All those cheap gold looking shit. NoNo


  6. wonderLand19

    Really good video, kudos T.
    Right now on itunes US, NO.7 PEOPLE!!!!!!! Wooop!


  7. Iceman

    Did it get pushed back AGAIN?! Because I don’t see any mention of the January 24 release date…just “upcoming”.


  8. Drew

    This was cool but only made to get played on TV. The original was too raw but fit better. This is a stripper’s anthem, nothing more or less


  9. Kayla

    Team Tyga all day! Last Kings!!!


  10. KayKay

    LOL Chyna’s run is not cute.


  11. Ice

    Cheesy video


  12. keraleestewart

    Dang, I love this music video its way more awesome than any other video!!!


  13. Zack

    careless world in 2 weeks!


  14. nicegirl

    Well at least it had a storyline.


    zandile Reply:

    @nicegirl, its about what?


  15. Hugh

    Song smashing right now

    Cool vid


  16. TygaBabyTaylor

    Tyga My Baby Awl yall Godt Hym Hella Fuqkd Up I Hate Tht BTTCH Black Chyna She Could Suck Mr. Rose Dcck Wid Her man lukn Aszx….. EerrBodii Needa Stop Hatn On Tyga And Fuqkn Hate Tht Uqli Btcch Of A Dude

    #Tyga Baby Mama

    P.S. If Yall Godt Sum 2 Saii Fuqkk Idt!!!!!!


  17. TygaBabyTaylor

    @KayKay, U Rghht I Hate Tht Btcch She Hella Fuqqkn Uqli Trynna B Luk Nicki Minaj…….


  18. zandile

    i lyk his latest song,rack city its listenable nd lyking the lyrics of that song.Peace.


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