50 Cent Brings Headphones to CES

50 Cent

50 Cent proudly showed off his STREET and SYNC by 50 headphones at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on Tuesday (Jan. 10). The hip-hop mogul was on hand to sign autographs and take photos with fans on the showroom floor, speaking with Spike TV during a live interview.

“It’s an extension to my passion for music ’cause I spend more time in the studio actually mixing material, making sure that the sound quality is right than actually creating the idea,” said 50, who declared his headphones the best wireless set on the market.

He also briefly touched on his music, reiterating his concerns with his label. “I wrote this album and it’s been discouraging at points to not see the same efforts from everyone,” he explained.

50 Cent 50 Cent

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  1. Chrissy

    those pink headphones will be MINE !!!


  2. Cnd

    50 cent my nigga


  3. Cnd

    50 cent


  4. dubz

    please who has used 50 Cent’s headphones before?how good are they and are they better than Beats by dre?


  5. jw

    ive tried these headphones
    and they are sooooo much better than dre beats
    definatley changing to 50 headphones


  6. dodo

    flop. can’t be creative fif? Never come close to Beats by Dre.


  7. Erik

    I’d get them if they’re really good.


  8. yo

    best headphones out now


  9. nicegirl

    They look great. It’s good that there are so many colours too.


  10. SK

    @dodo. STFU . They are the best in sound quality! Your dumbass don’t have money to get them don’t mean you gotta hatte.


  11. Ihatelosers4ever

    Buy headphones for companies like AKG. A new company pops up and says, our headphones are the best?
    Yeah right!
    Like you will have a better product then a company that has refined headphones for decades!

    Yo! buy some superduper headphoes and listen to yo compressed MP3 dope trax! LOL
    What a JOKE!


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