Video: Yelawolf f/ Kid Rock – ‘Let’s Roll’

Kid Rock and Yelawolf

From ‘Bama to the Bronx, Yelawolf cruises with Kid Rock in the video for “Let’s Roll,” the second single off the Alabama rapper’s Shady Records debut Radioactive. The cross country trek starts in the South as Yela races monster trucks through the mud, journeying over to the East Coast for an outdoor party with hip-hop legend DJ Kool Herc on the turntables. Buckle up for the wild ride.

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  1. @Slyboi

    Dis go hard.


  2. Hugh

    Love this song
    Made me recognize Kid Rocks game!


  3. Johnny cunteater

    why the fuck is he wearing snowboar boots???


  4. nicegirl

    Love this song. Video is good too.


  5. jimscreechie



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