Is Iggy Azalea Signing to Def Jam?

Iggy Azalea

With all the buzz surrounding Iggy Azalea, labels are clamoring to sign the Aussie rap sensation. But she may have already found a home at Def Jam.

The 21-year-old rapper dined with the Def Jam team including signee Rihanna last night in Los Angeles. “Had the pleasure of meeting rihanna at dinner tonight,” she tweeted. “Had a really fun dinner with all the def jam staff!!! #rolexcrew.”

Bu Thiam, VP of A&R for Def Jam, fueled speculation that the blonde bombshell was joining his all-star roster, which includes Kanye West, Rick Ross, and Nas. “Just spoke to the homie @IGGYAZALEA and all ima say is #History,” he wrote.

If that wasn’t enough, Iggy replied “Yup!!!” to a Def Jam A&R staffer who wrote, “@IGGYAZALEA dope meeting you tonight.. Cant wait til your officially part of the team.”

Iggy has become an online phenomenon with her mixtape Ignorant Art and videos for “Pu$$y,” “My World,” and her latest, “The Last Song.”

Iggy Azalea Tweet

Bu Thiam Tweet

Do you think Def Jam is a good home for Iggy? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. kwayzee

    I HOPE SO!!!!!!!
    That would be EPIC!!!!


  2. elle

    I like her, but no Def Jam :( I don’t want her collabing with Rihanna or Jay Z. Oh well, at least it is not Young Money.


    brandon Reply:

    @elle, you must be dumb…besides interscope def jam is one of the top labels with the top artists and it’ll give so much attention…you must just be speakin on your dis like for rihanna and jayz


    Dope Reply:


    She’s a new artist, she needs to get signed to a big label. If she was established then that would be a different story


  3. wonderLand19

    Happy for her cause i think she’s dope. I hope Def Jam support her and help her get better. When they signed N-dubz they didnt support them and then they lefted the label.
    2012 big year for her. Iggy and Nitty Scott giving Nicki some REAL competition.


  4. shegotit

    Love her!


  5. Beyonce is desperate

    Iggy who?


  6. ok

    I think she is what hip hop needs right now there’s plenty of black female Mc’s but there aren’t enough white female Mc’s! and that can really spit lol! I say sign her it would be a good look for def jam!


  7. Rap*

    She has something and is fresh but her pussy video was weird. It said drugs on the shirts and the lil boy had a wack shirt on for a child.

    I guess, shes illuminati.


  8. #teammorefemceesinhiphop

    YES! THAT WOULD BE A BIG MOVE! A song with Rihanna would be epic. Def Jam would point her in the right direction.


  9. Ice

    Love her, she looks like Gwen Stefani and sounds like Remy Ma.


  10. Songstress

    FUCK YES !!!!


  11. I hate idiots. I love Bey.



  12. Clark

    Nope she isnt signing with Def Jam. She just met with them for dinner last night. Thats all. She just tweeted me.!/IGGYAZALEA/status/157912247425970176


    Correction Reply:

    @Clark, she didn’t say she was not signing with them. she still may but nothing has been signed yet.



    smh….so they just gonna crap these white hoes down our throat… wtf has hip-hop become? real live circus sh*T


    hate revolver Reply:

    @DUMBFOUNDED, she’s wack and doesn’t know shit about hip hop and she gets signed. l respect paying your dues like eminem and kid rock, but she don’t know shit. just another rebecca black.


    Cranberry Reply:

    @DUMBFOUNDED, I bet life is pretty hard for you, as a racist.





  15. hate revolver

    she’s wack. i don’t by her hype. she dont’ know shit about hip hop. just cause u are on youtube, you have to get signed is just getting riduculous. hip hop is becoming a circus because everyone thinks they can rhymes. back in the day, you had to prove you could rhyme and thy weren’t giving away deals like that. atleast eminem and kid rock paid their dues. kreayshawn and v nasty are just exploiting hiphop.


  16. chris shorts

    iggy iggy i love you , i said left right lol
    Pu$$y Pu$$y Pu$$y
    ignorant art was really nice, lyrically she isnt u no a monster but she can ryme in due time she will grow and be even better #teamiggy i love u hope def jam is your home


  17. Sharp Tongue

    Yassssss I love her and she’s talented this would be great.


  18. Phoenix_Wright

    Def Scam, just saying


  19. trulo

    def jam will def. be a good look for iggy and def jam.. they need a female rapper in thier ranks ( regardless of color).. love it.. it needs to be more competition.. and this chic actually has BARS! good luck!


  20. maya

    YES! We need a new face on the scene. I need a break from Ri, Bey, Katy, Nicki, & Gaga…-_-


  21. nicegirl

    That would be good for her. She’s only has a few good songs, but maybe she just needs some direction.


  22. Bryan

    I love her. Finally a new female rapper coming into the scene… Now only if snow tha product would get signed to a big label and get more shine, then I’ll be happy…..


  23. Oh Please

    she’s dope..i love her video for the track “Last Song”


  24. Anthony

    Let’s hope she doesnt change just like Nicki Minaj did….


  25. Fan Of A Fan



    Fan Of A Fan Reply:



  26. jessi

    She cool. Like her swag. But if ya’ll on the fence what you think of this>>


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