New Music: Rihanna f/ Flo Rida – ‘We Found Love (Remix)’

Rihanna and Flo Rida

As Rihanna’s “We Found Love” returns to the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for the ninth week, Flo Rida takes the opportunity to remix the Talk That Talk single. Flo parties like Mick Jagger over the Calvin Harris-produced dance anthem, which is sure to get love in the clubs. Go with the Flo.


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  1. Eric

    i have serious dislike for flo rida so im not gonna give this song a listen just because it might be biased


  2. money



    Tess Reply:

    @money, Bitch, that’s two words! BYE!


    dexlovesrih Reply:

    @Tess, lmaooo!illirate bitches!!btw THIS REMIX ISNT HALF BAD AT ALLL!!AND I CANT STAND FLO RIDA!


    mnm Reply:

    @Tess, LMAO


    Neon Reply:

    @Tess, +1


  3. youdaone_CUNT

    Not every hit needs a remix!


    markie mark Reply:

    @youdaone_CUNT, thank you


  4. Light

    Bad remix, a featuring Flo Rida & Rihanna would be better (on a new music PLEASE )


  5. Triniti

    I like it.

    At least it has words now.


    Slice Reply:

    lol true


  6. Zack

    Anything with Flo Rida is automatically terrible in my book so this won’t reach my ears.


  7. Jayrican18

    This song has like 10 remixes , go Riri!


  8. beyond

    she’s at no 1 already son why does she release a remix like S&M one that was intentionally for reaching the top!???




    I agree. There was no need for this. The song is a worldwide smash. Back at No’1 in U.S. Flo-rida adds nothing to this. Epic fail.


    Anthony Reply:

    @beyond, its not an official release so no need to worry.


  9. thicky

    Not feeling it


  10. common

    you kids of today think a remix is created to be no.1 NO it isnt, a remix is created to celebrate or to do a different take of a track, not necessarily for the tack to reach no 1


    Lozza Reply:

    @common, You must seriously have a bad taste in music to get Flo Rida on a song for any other reason than to get it onto the radio and make people listen.


    Phoenix_Wright Reply:

    @Lozza, but this isn’t the official remix, meaning no one put him on it. He picked up the track and remixed it himself like a lot of rappers do these days


  11. Jayla

    ^^^^Preach, these kids are so obssessed with charts its pathetic


    Ice Reply:

    @Jayla, Amen


  12. Ice

    It made me like the song more


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  14. yes sir

    He adds something to the song unlike some re-mixes.


  15. unknown.

    me no like.
    maybe another version of it would be hawt, but this one #sucks4sure.


  16. Neon



  17. Fools

    I hope you fools realize this is not an official remix to We Found Love this is something Flo Rida decided to do in his free time not at the request of Rihanna.


  18. :)

    I refuse to listen!


  19. nicegirl

    Bad!! I hate remixes that do not make the song sound better.


  20. Code Red

    Hey Nelly and Flo rida didn’t you africans listen to Common’s “sweet” he’s coming for your punk*sses. You better duck Coms doing a driveby on all you sweet singers my advice is “duck biatch”


  21. Fan Of A Fan

    fuck off flo rida!
    just because your songs are shit doesn’t mean you can ruin other peoples


  22. PopCritic

    i can’t listen after reading some comments ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck it im not listening


  23. Sexy

    Like ur song is ok


  24. channy

    just…….expletives……. crap. why why why?


  25. Leah

    NO! FLO RIDA FALL BACK ATLEAST TEN STEPS AND WALK AWAY COMPLETLY! Don’t f*ck up my girls number 1 single smh! Why did he even feel the need to get on it.. go do your hip-pop and leave her sh*t alone n*gga!


  26. New Music: Rihanna f/ Flo Rida – ‘We Found Love (Remix)’

    [...] can leave a response, or trackback from your own [...]

  27. Jad

    gtfo the song pls, FlopRIda!


  28. slick

    no comment….


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