Kid Cudi Rocks a Pink Floyd Tattoo

Kid Cudi Pink Floyd Tattoo

Kid Cudi paid homage to one of his favorite rock bands Pink Floyd with a new tattoo on his right hand. Cudder showed off the ink on his blog, writing, “New Tat….Love it.” He has been drawing inspiration from the ’60s band as he finishes his rock album WZRD with producer Dot Da Genius. The project was slated for release on January 30, but it’s looking like it will be delayed.

Watch him perform the first single “Teleport 2 Me” at Australia’s Heatwave Festival below.

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  1. Kwayyyyyyy

    Nice… But not for a PERMENANT tattoo… Maybe marker lol


    frank Reply:

    @Kwayyyyyyy, you’re lame and you don’t understand tattoos.


  2. Shade

    PINK FLOYDxKiDCuDi…..that collab would have been epic


  3. de rock

    LOoks lyk an autograph to me, lol


  4. B

    @Shade, wow.


  5. [email protected]

    F Yeah Fight the Power..Serious Ill..)dk


  6. nicegirl

    Not good. Looks like it’s been drawn on with marker pen.


  7. AmyMescudi

    Looks good just dont think it’s permanent.


  8. Emmie

    Of course it “looks like it’s been drawn on with marker pen”,
    1 – That’s the font used on the Wall album
    2 – You can tell it’s fresh and scarred.
    Haters gonna hate. Kid Cudi just gained so much respect from me.


    36chambers Reply:

    @Emmie, I agree with ya, looks dope to me but I would want Floyd to be on my other hand


  9. Arun

    Arun… || Kid Cudi Rocks a Pink Floyd Tattoo…

  10. pink

    you guys are stupid. it looks like it was drawn on because thats the logo for Pink Floyd’s “The wall”. dumbasses


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