Mike Posner Covers Rick Ross’ ‘Stay Schemin” [Video]

Rick Ross and Mike Posner

Now here’s something out of left field. Mike Posner covers his friend Rick Ross’ controversial record “Stay Schemin’” off his mixtape Rich Forever. The Duke University grad holds down Rozay’s verses while playing the keyboard on the acoustic rendition, which features Blackbear on guitar. Listen to his fresh take on the street anthem.

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  1. new boy

    That is a hooriable pic of Rozzay ! LOL


    14t33 Reply:

    @new boy, yeah wtf i dont wanna look in his nose


  2. iAmJamesAl



    Mister Official Reply:

    This is really hot… Haters should take a day off!


    Say Word? Reply:

    @iAmJamesAl, I would agree!


  3. Ice

    Wow, I can’t believe he flipped the track in such a dope way. When that bass kicked in at 1:50 it really got tight. Mike is the truth.


  4. Couture

    This is one of the reasons i love Mike Posner, his ability to flip tracks and his voice…


  5. nicegirl

    Love this!! Very smooth and great creativity.


  6. mariana

    love this


  7. lat

    hate it or love it…cool


  8. Pleasure Boy

    wide nose havin motherfucker! (Dave Chappelle voice)


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