Ciara Cheers on Knicks at the Garden

La La Vazquez, Kiyan Anthony, and Ciara

Ciara was courtside as the New York Knicks took on the Orlando Magic at Madison Square Garden last night. The sexy songstress jetted from L.A., where she celebrated with the cast of The Help at a pre-Golden Globes bash, to the Big Apple. She joined her BFF La La Vazquez and her sleeping son Kiyan as they cheered on Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire. Despite their support, the Knicks lost 93-102. But that didn’t wipe the smile away from CiCi’s face.

Ciara Ciara Ciara

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  1. Replay

    She is soooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooot, hoootttttttttt! She looks in every picture better and better


  2. nicegirl

    She looks amazing. Very stunning!!


  3. TheCreat1veOne

    I hope all of these appearances she has been making are signs that the new single is fixing to come out soon! I’m so ready to hear what she’s been working on lately, I know it must be amazing!


  4. WRTW?

    When is this bitch gonna get a job, or was she working concessions tonight?


  5. 14t33

    lol check how lala is hiding her kid…just kidding i know he must be tired or something


  6. An0thrNight272

    I Love Ciara, she has such positive energy!!!


  7. nyfan1

    Aww Kiyan’s hiding his face. That kid is such a cutie.


  8. Stre3t Danc@

    Looks sexy as usual (: I can’t wait for her comeback


  9. junior seven


    still hang with LALA, & you will flop, like every year!


  10. junior seven

    looks like Ciara’s career is attending basketball games


  11. Ernest

    OMG she’s sooo cute


  12. Deontae

    Oh wow, some of you never amaze me. Regardless, Ciara looks amazing. I KNOW, she has been working hard on making sure her next material is amazing and I’m excited. Lala looks great as well! I see you Kiyan…but damn can Ciara live her life without being criticized, u know she been hanging low before coming out these past few days. Stop being so damn concerned about what she doing.


    houstonishere Reply:

    @Deontae, PREACH BOO


    super Tues Mr. Reply:

    @Deontae, True dat


  13. vonb

    she has been doing alot of appearances lately so u know that new single bout to drop! I’m so ready for it.


  14. Bran

    Gorgeous as always! Can’t wait 4 what Ciara is about to bring this year! Its funny how ppl always on Ciara back for being @ the game or takin pics yet you’re spending your free time posting negative comments on a blog about HER. At least she’s out having fun and being productive. Prepare yourselves cuz Ci aint playin’ this time. She’s coming…


  15. lovely

    after the game she went to eat with Ne-Yo………..


    Bran Reply:

    @lovely, how do you know?


  16. Jay

    Ciara is looking so good! :)


  17. super Tues Mr.

    cici look Cute


  18. Jalin

    sexy omg


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