« Jay-Z Celebrates 40/40 Club Reopening with Warren Buffett, Ashanti

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett

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  1. Tshepang

    Wassup nigga


  2. Maxwell Strachan

    Hi, love this photo. Can you email me about potentially reproducing? Thanks!


  3. lyfechanges

    lmaooo nah yo…Hov is really the greatest!…got Warren the billionaire throwing up the roc sign


  4. Jay-Z and Warren Buffett’s Money Bromance | The Frugalista

    [...] grand opening. I’m starting to think Jay Z and Warren are having a bromance. Warren’s throwing up The Roc sign in photos. Jay Z is appearing on Warren’s kiddie cartoon, Secret Millionaires Club. I know Warren is [...]

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